10 Easter + Spring Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Copy

Well hello, friends! We’ve had a crazy few weeks traveling to Italy, Germany, and England, but I’m back at it! March has absolutely flown by. Bring on April! Can you believe Easter is in two weeks? Mind. Blowing.

Alright, I have a confession. I find most Easter decor kind of hideous. For example, I very rarely find a cute, non-tacky-looking bunny. No joke, one time I came across this bunny at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to tell someone that I think it was meant for Halloween, not Easter.

Ugly Hobby Lobby Bunny
The Easter and Spring decor either have disturbing bunnies or, well, hideous colors! You can’t just throw pastels or brightly colored plastic eggs into any room and think it will look okay. Like this. Please never make this:

All that being said, I don’t usually decorate for Easter. Sometimes I’ll get some fresh flowers for spring, but that’s about it! But since I’ve been following some other bloggers this year I’ve been inspired! After seeing some nice, fresh decor, I decided to put up a few decorations myself and share some other Easter & Spring decor that’s inspired me!

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1. Eggs on the Coffee Table

I’m always changing up the decor on my coffee table, so I thought this was a good place to start! I didn’t mind these speckled eggs I found at JoAnn Fabric – they’re pastel, but not over-the-top pastel (you can start your egg collection from Amazon, right here). And the flowers really brighten up the space (even if they’re fake 😉)!

spring decor ideas - tin with pastel eggs and flowers

2. Florals on the Kitchen Table

After I took down my Christmas decor, my kitchen table looked super boring. I realized I’d had it decorated for the seasons since August, so I needed to find something new. I love the pitcher, which was a hand-me-down from my mama, as well as the crate and runner from Home Goods!

spring Decor inspriation - Kitchen Table

3. Spring Vintage Ladder from Little Vintage Nest

I LOVE this vintage ladder from Little Vintage Nest! I’m partial to step ladders because we always had one around growing up, and this one feels nice and springy with the florals/garden vibe. You could also fill a basket or mason jar with eggs for an Easter-ier feel. The ladder would be cute in an entryway, front porch, or even living room.

spring decor - vintage ladder

4. Fresh Florals & Chippy Chair from Vibeke Design

Okay, the chair is a bit too chippy for my taste, but I like how it contrasts with the flowers! This setup from Vibeke Design would also be nice in an entryway or front porch.

spring decor - flower pot with chippy chair

5. Actually Cute Bunny Blocks from I Should Be Mopping the Floor

These blocks from I Should Be Mopping the Floor are one of the few pieces of bunny decor I found that were tasteful. Since they’re DIY, you can match the colors to your existing color scheme! Win-win!

spring decor - bunny blocks

6. Egg & Floral Arrangement from StoneGable

I’m learning that it’s hard to go wrong with natural-looking eggs. I’m a big fan of this variety of different sizes and colors in a glass jar from StoneGable! This would make a wonderful centerpiece on a kitchen or entryway table. You can start your egg collection from Amazon, right here.

spring decor - pastel eggs in glass vase

8. White Tulips from Texas Girl in Philly

Tulips = Spring. ‘NUFF SAID. These white tulips have a nice, clean feeling… especially with the water. Which means they’re real. Which means you have to keep them alive. So keep that in mind. 😉

spring decor - white tulips

9. DIY Tulip Wreath from On Sutton Place

Speaking of tulips, this wreath is ADORABLE. Plus, if it hangs outside it doesn’t need to match your interior decor! I’m highly contemplating making one of these this week… it looks so easy! And so… spring!

spring decor - diy spring tulip wreath

10. Terrarium with Succulents from Blog Lovin’

I superdy-duperdy love this geometric terrarium. I even found the same one on Amazon here. Yessss! I’m a bit partial to the succulents since I live in Arizona, but I love how these look springy without looking like a desert. I don’t just want this, I need it!

spring decor - geometric planter

Easter & Spring Decor Final Thoughts

After a little digging and sifting, I think I’ve found some Easter and spring decor I could actually roll with. From what I’ve found, definitely 1) keep it elegant, 2) don’t wander too far from your color scheme, and 3) fresh flowers are a safe bet. I think I’ll add a bit more spring decor around my house while I still have time!

Keep it springy and watch out for menacing bunnies! 😉

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