Happ Fall Sign Foliage Pumpkin

My 21 Favorite Fall Pins

Fall is such a beautiful time for Pinterest. It’s filled with DIY projects for my “someday” list and a few Fall Pins I can’t wait to try out this season! Like this one I whipped up yesterday…

Happ Fall Sign Foliage Pumpkin

Here’s a round-up of my favorites so far. You can easily repin any of these to your own Pinterest board by clicking the “Save” button on the pic! Also, take a second to follow my “All Things Fall” Pinterest board by clicking the button below. I’ll continue pinning new stuff throughout the season! ?

Now, let’s take a scroll through my favorite fall pins! I crack myself up…


Transition your lanterns from summer to fall by filling them with gourds and colorful foliage.

Metallic marker on a pumpkin? I can do that!

I’m really excited about this next one. Tune in to our Facebook page next weekend for a live video of it in action… 🙂

Lights & Candles

Guys, this is my own candle. I got it at Bath and Body Works the other week and it is the perfect fall scent. Seriously, perfect. The notes say, “Woodland Spruce, Cedar, Clove Buds, Smoky Vanilla.” It’s a must-smell!

I recently discovered these light-up branches. I haven’t seen them around much, but they’re such a pretty accent for fall and winter! I found some possibilities here on Amazon.

Who thought to put popcorn kernels in the bottom of a vase? It fits the theme… but my question is, will you make popcorn if it gets too hot? 😉

This would be perfect for kids… or me. Blanket fort + indoor fire pit + movies!



I’d be amiss not to include one of my own, right?!

I love the fall-ness of this one while using whites and grays.


What’s fall without a few pumpkin-inspired foods? This one is actually from my short-lived food blog – I LOVE this super quick No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake!

Okay, how adorable is this cheeseball?!

I hope you enjoyed the scroll and found a few sources of inspiration! Before you leave, don’t forget to follow Rise and Renovate on Pinterest to stay in-the-loop. See ya there!

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6 thoughts on “My 21 Favorite Fall Pins”

    1. hmrissler@gmail.com

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed!! They were definitely an experience to work with, as you may have seen in the FB group, haha! ?

  1. Love the ideas! I love the cotton stems I’m seeing so much of and saw them in a couple of your pins. When we lived in the Midwest I loved gathering natural dried stuff out of my yard and in ditches and sticking them in my cleaned out pots in my entryway! Boy I’d love some red twig dogwoods and hydrangea flowers right now!! Then add some evergreen boughs and you’re ready for Christmas!! Mary Ann brought up the fact that we actually can leave our fall decor up longer than Christmas which is encouragement for going all out! I’m finding with my current year around decor it’s not real conducive to bringing in a lot of fall color though. I liked your pins that had more neutral colors like the white pumpkins. Might have to keep and eye out and change my direction!!

    1. It was so nice (and cheap!) when we could just go outside to gather our decorations!! I suppose we could leave our decorations up longer… But after Thanksgiving, I’ll be READY for Christmas decorations! I’m definitely seeing a lot of ways to bring in fall without having to use orange and red. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for fall!!

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