August Crew Member Spotlight: Meet Kristi Kisler

This month’s Crew Member Spotlight is an absolute joy, and her name is Kristi Kisler! Kristi works with my dear husband at San Tan Charter School. She loves travel, photography, geneology, and all types of art.
Andrew and I are so excited to all be going on the same trip to Italy (through 10850163_788061197910072_1954687396384939147_ntheir school) next March!

I asked Kristi a few questions about her DIY style, and I absolutely love her sheer honesty on being a home improvement novice.  😆 She recently sold her house north of Phoenix, so she’s excited to get decorating once she’s settled in her new home.

Tell me a little about your DIY life!
To be honest, I am not very handy around the house (I usually have to beg a friend to do some of the mechanical things or hire a professional), but I am a wiz at shoveling snow and once I fixed a broken drawer in my kitchen. I guess I should not tell you that I also set the carpet on fire once and my son tried to put it out with his coat… I would not recommend this in the future.

What’s your favorite piece of decor in your home?
My favorite pieces of decor are my couch and love seat. My husband and I bought them on our honeymoon, and I am having them reupholstered for the new house. (Pictures to come!)

If you were a tool, what tool would you be and why?
I am definitely a small hammer with a pretty purple handle kind of person… Looks great, but not much help for the big jobs around the house. I do own a small tool box though.

Thanks for sharing, Kristi! It’s refreshing to hear some real, non-expert DIY experience Accidentally lighting carpet on fire and successfully fixing a drawer are things we can probably all relate to, in one way or another.  🙂

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