10 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

We’re in the final days of the Christmas season – can you believe it?! Christmas has been so fun this year with a 1-year-old and I can only imagine it will keep getting better each year! BUT, if you’re a busy mom like me, you probably haven’t even STARTED wrapping your presents. 😐

Don’t worry, friend! I got you! If you like fun Christmas gift wrapping ideas, then I bet we’d be BFFs in real life. Today I’m sharing 10 Christmas gift wrapping ideas you can STILL do! Fo’ real. Amazon Prime has our back. 🙌

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Easy DIY Christmas Shaker Box + MORE Christmas Projects!

Happy Christmas Season, friends!! Now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, I think we can all agree that it’s CHRISTMASTIME!!! This also means that Baby Rissler is ALMOST HERE! My due date is Tuesday, so I’m hoping he shows his face sometime this week. Yay!

*This post was originally published Nov 25, 2017, and was updated December 2018.*

Today I’m excited to share my own DIY project with you, as well as posts from my fellow home decor bloggers! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get inspired by lots of other DIY Christmas ideas. I’m especially loving the cookie cutter Christmas tree garland and the DIY rustic Christmas tree!

As I’ve been doing tons of Christmas decor shopping over the last couple weeks, I saw fun little Christmas shaker boxes. I almost bought one, then realized, “Hey… I can make that!!” Thus, this DIY project, the DIY Christmas shaker box, was born!

easy DIY christmas shaker box

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Christmas Decor for the Home + 5 Christmas Decorating Tips

🎵 It’s the holiday seassoonnnn, and boop-dee-doop, and dickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock! ‘Cuz just exactly at 12:00 he’ll be comin’ down the chimney nooowwwww! 🎵

Is that how it goes? 😂 I swear, that song is on repeat in my head from November 1 – December 31. It drives me a little batty. ALAS! At least it’s CHRISTMAS TIME! Can you belieeeeve? 🎅 I have been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks already and my ears are looking a little pointy. 😂 I’m really excited to share my Christmas decor with you today because I feel like my decorating skills have come a long way since I first decorated my apartment in 2014. Every year I learn something new, so I want to share a few Christmas decorating tips while I take you on a mini tour of my holiday decor. Let’s go! Onward! MUSH!

Christmas Decor for the Home

Christmas Decor Around the TV

Last year we got this entertainment center on Facebook Marketplace for a helluva good deal and it’s been fun re-decorating it each season.

christmas decorating tips - decorating the entertainment center with tv

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Customized Christmas Gift Ideas I’d Actually Get My Husband

There are lots of things I’ve learned over the years, like, it’s called a “rear view mirror,” not a “review mirror.”  Or that kids can “open enroll” to another school, not, “open and roll.” But one thing I’ll never manage to learn is how to easily find the perfect Christmas gift for my husband.

When a holiday rolls around, I think about his gift for months ahead of time because I want it to be meaningful. The past few years I’ve opted for a gift that’s personalized or custom in nature – like, with our last name, or something I handmade myself. Not gonna lie, it’s usually a lot of work. 😂

*Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy an item after clicking a link, I may receive a small commission from the purchase at no extra cost to you. This helps me keep this blog up and running. Thank you!*

So, this year, I’ve put together an Etsy round-up of some unique, customized Christmas gift ideas for your husband. Whether he likes more practical gifts or something kinda sweet, I’m sure you’ll find something he likes, something he can use, and something you’ll feel proud of giving him!

PS – Lots of customized gift ideas here for your dad or brother, too! #winwin

Practical & Customized Christmas Gift Ideas

Thoughtful + Kinda Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

Super Sweet Wall Art Christmas Gift Ideas

BBQ Timer
Wood Sign

Not customized but still hilarious.

BRB, going to order one of everything. LOL, but in all seriousness, I hope this list of customized Christmas gift ideas helps you start thinking about what to get the men in your life for Christmas. Best of luck this year! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Giant DIY Popsicle Snowflakes

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas season so far and have all your presents and recipes ready for the big day! We’ve been taking advantage of this Christmas season by doing some fun crafts – last weekend we attempted our first gingerbread house, and not to brag, but it turned out SWEET (no pun intended).

Weekend gingerbread house

Kudos to Andrew for the cactus, and kudos to me for the gingerbread man happenstance. Thank you, thank you!

Another fun craft I wanted to try out was some DIY popsicle snowflakes I’ve been seeing on Pinterest! I thought this would be a fun craft for Andrew and me to do together since it seemed pretty easy and usually boys like gluing sticks together.  I’m excited to report that this was not a “Pinterest fail”, and they turned out pretty cute!!

DIY Popsicle Snowflake - Main image

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The Unexpected Roots of my Christmas Memories

MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HANUKKAH! HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ‘Tis FINALLY the season, and I couldn’t be more ready and excited. Seriously – I have been listening to Christmas music since October. #Oops #DontTellSanta

I love unpacking my decorations each year and unearthing things I forgot about, so I’d love to share a story about the roots of some of my favorite decorations. It starts about 10 years ago and involves lots of cookies, lots of Christmas parties, and lots of Santas.

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