10 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

We’re in the final days of the Christmas season – can you believe it?! Christmas has been so fun this year with a 1-year-old and I can only imagine it will keep getting better each year! BUT, if you’re a busy mom like me, you probably haven’t even STARTED wrapping your presents. 😐

Don’t worry, friend! I got you! If you like fun Christmas gift wrapping ideas, then I bet we’d be BFFs in real life. Today I’m sharing 10 Christmas gift wrapping ideas you can STILL do! Fo’ real. Amazon Prime has our back. 🙌

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Mason Jar Gift Cards

This was my favorite Christmas gift wrapping idea last year! I used a mason jar (like these ones) to create a faux snow globe for a gift card. It was probably my favorite present I gave, haha!

Brown Kraft Paper

A personal favorite – you just can’t go wrong with simple brown Kraft paper (100 ft for $17? Yes!)! I love these gifts decorated with a white marker. Simple enough!

Using Natural Elements

Go outside and take some clippings from an evergreen tree or pick up a few pine cones and tie them on with twine. It’s much more sustainable than using ribbon!

Wrapping in Fabric

This seems like the latest trend this year, right?! Plus, it’s sustainable and you can keep using it! Find some cute fabric at JoAnn or Hobby Lobby and check out this easy video tutoral!

Wrapping with Photos

love this idea, especially if you have littles! Instead of writing the recipient’s name, include a photo of them. Kids will have fun handing out the gifts if they can’t read yet!

Black Wrapping Paper

For something a little different, this black wrapping paper (find it here) is so cute! Use a white marker to design it custom for friends and family.

Fancy Yarn

This one looks a little tedious, but it’s fun and doesn’t require extra materials! Try weaving yarn or ribbon into your wrapping and try not to cry when they use scissors and cut it in half – LOL.

Scrapbook Stickers

How funny is this?! You could give a little hint to the gift using scrapbook stickers! Make sure to pick a very plain wrapping paper, like kraft paper, so the stickers are easy to see.

Simple Squares

This is an easy addition to any wrapping paper you already have. Cut out squares of white paper and add a little note on the front, either handwritten or printed off the computer! Adding a sprig of greenery makes it look extra festive.

A Little Ornament

How cute is this one?! Plus, you can get a package of mini ornaments at Target for just $3! This ornament makes a cute decoration to any wrapping paper.

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  1. I love these ideas! It makes a great presentation and a good first impression of your gift, so even if it’s a small gift it seems special and thoughtful! Thanks for sharing!

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