Customized Christmas Gift Ideas I’d Actually Get My Husband

There are lots of things I’ve learned over the years, like, it’s called a “rear view mirror,” not a “review mirror.”  Or that kids can “open enroll” to another school, not, “open and roll.” But one thing I’ll never manage to learn is how to easily find the perfect Christmas gift for my husband.

When a holiday rolls around, I think about his gift for months ahead of time because I want it to be meaningful. The past few years I’ve opted for a gift that’s personalized or custom in nature – like, with our last name, or something I handmade myself. Not gonna lie, it’s usually a lot of work. 😂

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So, this year, I’ve put together an Etsy round-up of some unique, customized Christmas gift ideas for your husband. Whether he likes more practical gifts or something kinda sweet, I’m sure you’ll find something he likes, something he can use, and something you’ll feel proud of giving him!

PS – Lots of customized gift ideas here for your dad or brother, too! #winwin

Practical & Customized Christmas Gift Ideas

Thoughtful + Kinda Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas

Super Sweet Wall Art Christmas Gift Ideas

BBQ Timer
Wood Sign

Not customized but still hilarious.

BRB, going to order one of everything. LOL, but in all seriousness, I hope this list of customized Christmas gift ideas helps you start thinking about what to get the men in your life for Christmas. Best of luck this year! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. The date night idea box is so special! I surprised my husband with a floor resurfacing service earlier this year, so we both agreed to keep Christmas gifts to a minimum. I can’t wait to make his day with some of these gifts. Happy Holidays!

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