Now Open: Rise and Renovate Etsy Shop!

Happy MONDAY! While I don’t particularly love Mondays, I think they’re great for big announcements. And today,  I have a huge, exciting, pretty-looking announcement…

Introducing the Rise & Renovate Etsy Shop!

Over the past month and a half, I’ve been hard at work creating lovely designs for mugs, totes, throw pillows and prints! All things I proudly use AND love in my home and I’m through-the-roof excited to share them with you in my Etsy shop!

Etsy Store Opening - Totes Vintage Bag

shop this tote

The idea came a couple months ago when I was thinking of decor for our nursery. I had a few prints I made that I wanted to hang up, but I also wanted to share them on my blog. I came across a company who could print them for me, and voila! The Etsy store was born!

shop all prints

Beyond prints, they could print my designs on mugs, throw pillows, totes, and so much more… so the store started expanding!

shop all pillows

shop all pillows

I’m most excited about the coffee mugs. Coffee is near and dear to my heart, growing up in a family coffee & cookie shop, so I get OVERLY excited about a clever coffee mug. Hehehe…

shop all mugs

This is just a sampling of what’s in the shop, so head on over and check out the rest!

I’m also working on some fall designs that I hope to release in the next couple weeks. Make sure to sign up for my email list to be the first to know of new stuff AND receive a coupon off your first order!

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