My 3 Life-Saving Tips for a Baby Who Hates the Car

baby hates the car seat - diono

One thing I didn’t expect as a new mom was having a baby who hated the car seat. Not just whined back there, but literally screamed the entire car ride until I took him out.

Actually, the first time Griffin lost it after being born was when we put him in his car seat in the hospital. Ha!

You might remember that Griffin and I had a rough start to motherhood. But one of the things that magnified my PPD was that it was very difficult for us to leave the house alone. Griffin’s crying was a trigger for me, so I didn’t really have the energy or willpower to take a car ride alone with him.

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My Simple Methods to Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

After having Griffin, my whole house became so cluttered. I had no energy to clean anything and by 8 months postpartum, my house was a freaking train wreck. After we finished our kitchen renovation in July, I cleaned EVERYTHING and have been trying to maintain a more minimalist kitchen!

I’ve learned over these past months that having a minimalist kitchen isn’t necessarily about your possessions, but how you’re managing your kitchen. Yes, a few purchases have made a big difference, but I also want to talk about a couple key routines that have made all the difference. Let me show you!

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DIY Barn Doors Part 3: How to Hang Barn Doors

So, I realize this blog post is long overdue. Like, 1 year + 2 months overdue. Sorry about that! Soon after I shared my tutorial on how to build barn doors, our little Griffin was born! Needless to say, a tutorial on how to hang barn doors was quite low on my priority list. LOL. I hope no one has been sitting around with unhung barn doors for over a year. 😂

Step 1: How to Prep the Doorway for Barn Doors
Step 2: How to Build Barn Doors

Okay, without further adieu, let me show you how we hung our barn doors!

how to hang barn doors
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10 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

We’re in the final days of the Christmas season – can you believe it?! Christmas has been so fun this year with a 1-year-old and I can only imagine it will keep getting better each year! BUT, if you’re a busy mom like me, you probably haven’t even STARTED wrapping your presents. 😐

Don’t worry, friend! I got you! If you like fun Christmas gift wrapping ideas, then I bet we’d be BFFs in real life. Today I’m sharing 10 Christmas gift wrapping ideas you can STILL do! Fo’ real. Amazon Prime has our back. 🙌

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How We Started Saving $1,200/Year on Our Mortgage

Hi, friends! Happy December 12th! I have a real exciting story to share with you today. It’s going to get a little nitty-gritty, but I promise it’s worth it. I’m going to share how we reduced our monthly mortgage payment by $100/month after having our house for just 2.5 years! And it’s partially thanks to YOU for supporting this blog and our home reno projects! 🙂

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Easy DIY Christmas Shaker Box + MORE Christmas Projects!

Happy Christmas Season, friends!! Now that Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror, I think we can all agree that it’s CHRISTMASTIME!!! This also means that Baby Rissler is ALMOST HERE! My due date is Tuesday, so I’m hoping he shows his face sometime this week. Yay!

*This post was originally published Nov 25, 2017, and was updated December 2018.*

Today I’m excited to share my own DIY project with you, as well as posts from my fellow home decor bloggers! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get inspired by lots of other DIY Christmas ideas. I’m especially loving the cookie cutter Christmas tree garland and the DIY rustic Christmas tree!

As I’ve been doing tons of Christmas decor shopping over the last couple weeks, I saw fun little Christmas shaker boxes. I almost bought one, then realized, “Hey… I can make that!!” Thus, this DIY project, the DIY Christmas shaker box, was born!

easy DIY christmas shaker box

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5 Things I Learned from My First Year of Motherhood

Today, my sweet Griffin turns 1 year old. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been a full year since I gave birth to Griffin. In many ways, I feel like an entirely different person. I’ve learned sooo much about life, love, grace, and stepping into this new world-of-mom. I’ve shared a couple updates along the way: an honest (and raw) look at 3 months postpartum as well as an update at 6 months postpartum. But today, at one full year postpartum, I want to share 5 things I learned from my first year of motherhood.

First Year of Motherhood - San Diego Beach
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Christmas Decor for the Home + 5 Christmas Decorating Tips

🎵 It’s the holiday seassoonnnn, and boop-dee-doop, and dickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock! ‘Cuz just exactly at 12:00 he’ll be comin’ down the chimney nooowwwww! 🎵

Is that how it goes? 😂 I swear, that song is on repeat in my head from November 1 – December 31. It drives me a little batty. ALAS! At least it’s CHRISTMAS TIME! Can you belieeeeve? 🎅 I have been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks already and my ears are looking a little pointy. 😂 I’m really excited to share my Christmas decor with you today because I feel like my decorating skills have come a long way since I first decorated my apartment in 2014. Every year I learn something new, so I want to share a few Christmas decorating tips while I take you on a mini tour of my holiday decor. Let’s go! Onward! MUSH!

Christmas Decor for the Home

Christmas Decor Around the TV

Last year we got this entertainment center on Facebook Marketplace for a helluva good deal and it’s been fun re-decorating it each season.

christmas decorating tips - decorating the entertainment center with tv

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Simple and Useful Kitchen Organization Ideas

In the midst of our 7-month kitchen renovation, I actually took some time to re-organize our kitchen! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember that I went a little crazy in July trying to get my $h!t together. My house was a MESS (thanks, PPD) and I was able to clear out tons of stuff. I felt liberated afterward! Anyway, I realized that I never actually shared all my reorganization on the blog, so I’m sharing it today! I hope these kitchen organization ideas will bring you some inspiration and motivation to organize your kitchen.

Wait! Start with this.

Before you go crazy and buy 15 racks and 27 bins, I want you to live your normal life in your kitchen for just a couple more days. As you’re going about your day, use my free Kitchen Organization Planner (below!) to make a list of specific things that annoy you about your kitchen. Like, “I hate when my pans fall over every time I get one out.” Or, “It’s hard to get bowls out when they’re stacked on each other.”

Once you’ve written a list of all the things you want to fix, THEN start looking for solutions! If you go straight to Amazon or IKEA and start shopping, it will be hard to know exactly what you NEED. We’re decluttering + organizing here, people!

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How to Make a Blanket Ladder

For the past couple of years, all I’ve wanted is a blanket ladder. At every vintage show, I looked at the price tags on every ladder and they were way expensive… or the ladder looked super cheap and flimsy. My mom would say, “Oh jeeze, you could make that yourself!” So, this past weekend, I finally got around to it and today I’m showing you how to make a blanket ladder! Whoopee!!

Now, you could go to Home Depot and buy the cheapest of the cheap supplies and slap together a ladder, but I wanted my ladder to look legit. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest for “how to make a $10 ladder!”, but I decided to spend about $40 to make an authentic, durable, farmhouse style blanket ladder.

how to make a blanket ladder

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