Welcome to my blog! I’m a wife, mama, home enthusiast, Iowa-native, and retired barista. I’m weirdly obsessed with decluttering & organizing so I can live a simpler life and focus on the now.

Fun Facts: I drink copious amounts of coffee and can’t keep plants alive. 

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DIY Wall Calendar with Barn Wood + FREE PRINTABLE!

Hiya, friends! You may have seen this fun project on Instagram last week – a DIY wall calendar made with a piece of rustic barn wood! It fits in perfectly with my decluttering + organizing binge, as I’ve been working hard lately to try to get our lives in order by preparing for upcoming events.

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“Just in Case” Clothes – Do You Keep ‘Em?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a hardcore decluttering binge (like here). It’s liberating to live with less stuff, but it’s also forced me to take a closer look at this season of life and stop focusing on a past season! On Instagram, I’m frequently asked, “What about the clothes I have just in case I need

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8 Tips to Declutter a Closet & Keep it Organized

Let’s get real: If you walked into your bathroom and opened your cabinets or closet, would it bring you peace? Like, can you easily find what you need without knocking over 8 things? Or does it stress you out? You guys… the average American spends 2.5 DAYS PER YEAR looking for misplaced items (source). Why

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