My Simple Methods to Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

After having Griffin, my whole house became so cluttered. I had no energy to clean anything and by 8 months postpartum, my house was a freaking train wreck. After we finished our kitchen renovation in July, I cleaned EVERYTHING and have been trying to maintain a more minimalist kitchen!

I’ve learned over these past months that having a minimalist kitchen isn’t necessarily about your possessions, but how you’re managing your kitchen. Yes, a few purchases have made a big difference, but I also want to talk about a couple key routines that have made all the difference. Let me show you!

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Simple and Useful Kitchen Organization Ideas

In the midst of our 7-month kitchen renovation, I actually took some time to re-organize our kitchen! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember that I went a little crazy in July trying to get my $h!t together. My house was a MESS (thanks, PPD) and I was able to clear out tons of stuff. I felt liberated afterward! Anyway, I realized that I never actually shared all my reorganization on the blog, so I’m sharing it today! I hope these kitchen organization ideas will bring you some inspiration and motivation to organize your kitchen.

Wait! Start with this.

Before you go crazy and buy 15 racks and 27 bins, I want you to live your normal life in your kitchen for just a couple more days. As you’re going about your day, use my free Kitchen Organization Planner (below!) to make a list of specific things that annoy you about your kitchen. Like, “I hate when my pans fall over every time I get one out.” Or, “It’s hard to get bowls out when they’re stacked on each other.”

Once you’ve written a list of all the things you want to fix, THEN start looking for solutions! If you go straight to Amazon or IKEA and start shopping, it will be hard to know exactly what you NEED. We’re decluttering + organizing here, people!

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“Just in Case” Clothes – Do You Keep ‘Em?

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a hardcore decluttering binge (like here). It’s liberating to live with less stuff, but it’s also forced me to take a closer look at this season of life and stop focusing on a past season!

On Instagram, I’m frequently asked, “What about the clothes I have just in case I need them in the future?”

It’s a great question and one that I’ve struggled with for a while.

Throughout high school and college, I was involved in a lot of different activities and clubs that required something specific: khaki pants, a long-sleeved black shirt, black shoes… the list goes on! Even over the past few years I’ve bought a special dress for swing dancing or a themed annual event. It was a hassle when I didn’t have the exact thing I thought I needed, so I started holding on to a bunch of clothing just in case I needed it again in the future.

This has resulted in an accumulation of clothes I’m keeping “just in case” I need them in the future. One of my favorite Instagram accounts, @thelaminmalist, says that we keep these items of clothing out of fear, not necessity. It might be fear that we won’t “fit in” with the crowd, fear of being unprepared, or simply the fear of letting go.

just in case clothes

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8 Tips to Declutter a Closet & Keep it Organized

Let’s get real: If you walked into your bathroom and opened your cabinets or closet, would it bring you peace? Like, can you easily find what you need without knocking over 8 things? Or does it stress you out? You guys… the average American spends 2.5 DAYS PER YEAR looking for misplaced items (source). Why do we do this to ourselves?! It makes me sad because it only takes an afternoon and a few Dollar Store bins to declutter a closet.

When we moved into our house 2 years ago, I scrambled to hide things away so we could get settled. Well, now that everything is “put away,” I’m spending time organizing and decluttering the stuff I haphazardly stashed away (like my master closet!). My first project was to declutter a closet in our bathroom, ‘cuz guys, it was a hot. mess. I hated looking for things in there. It stressed me out hard. It was basically a Where’s Waldo? puzzle.

declutter a closet - before and after

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A Life Update & A New Direction for R&R

Hi there, friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve popped on here and I apologize for that. My life has been rocked since becoming a parent which has been both joyful and exhausting, so I want to take a few minutes to get you up to speed and talk about what’s ahead for Rise & Renovate.

Mom Life

If you read about my birth story and postpartum experience, you’ll remember that the first few months of motherhood were pretty hard on me. I’m happy to report that at 7 months postpartum, we are doing worlds better. Though he has his fussy times, Griffin is an incredibly happy baby who is just so darn excited about life. He loves getting into things, eating solid foods, and smiling at as many strangers as possible. He is my little social butterfly and I love getting to see his smile first thing every morning.

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The Easiest Way to Clean Out Your Closet

So, I have a new itch: downsizing + lightening up my stuff. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared the process of cleaning out my closet the other week. It was in dire need. Like, Mayday! SOS! I hated going in there because it was a hot mess. I had SO many clothes, many of which I hadn’t worn in over a year (or longer…). It was overwhelming and disorganized, so I decided to make a change!

how to clean your closet - before

I came to the conclusion that my time and brainpower are too valuable to be spent weeding through this huge wardrobe. I don’t want to wear that… or that… or that. My day should not start by walking into a chaotic closet. Am I right? Or am I right??

A few of my top problems…

  1. I had too many “sentimental” t-shirts and sweatshirts from high school, college (and TBH, middle school, too – embarrassing!), and other misc. events.
  2. What if I need pants (or shirts) in a certain color for some event in the future??
  3. “But this article of clothing is cute!” …even though I hadn’t worn it in over a year.

Before you start…

I strongly believe that you need to be in the right frame-of-mind before cleaning out a closet. Less is more. You have to want fewer clothes in your closet and feel motivated to downsize. It should feel liberating for you afterward – clean, nicely organized, and easy to digest. Figuratively. LOL.

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A Reality Check for All Your STUFF

I have a hard time getting rid of anything with mediocre value. Last month I found all my high school graduation cards from 5+ years ago, looked through them, then put them all back in the Ziplock bag and back in the box. I could not bear to toss them.  🙄


Since moving into our house, one of my biggest challenges has been finding a place for all of our stuff. You know the type – books you’ve collected over the years, knick knacks, old Pinterest projects, presents you didn’t really like, etc.

As I began unpacking more and more stuff after our move, I became more and more overwhelmed. So much stuff. So much clutter. I think those “minimalists” are on to something.

Let’s take a look at this bookshelf…

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