22 Beach Cottage Decor Ideas To Create a Seaside Retreat!

Is there any place in the world more tranquil than a beach cottage? 

The minute you step in the door, you can feel your shoulders loosen and your worries melt away with the rhythmic lull of the waves and the salty kiss of the sea breeze coming in from the windows. 

Now whether you live by the shore (lucky you!) or simply want to infuse your home with a breezy coastal feel, adorning your space with beach cottage decor can help you capture that laid-back, toes-in-the-sand vibe right inside your home. 

Don’t know which decorations to choose? Settle in as we explore beach cottage decor ideas to give you inspiration! 

22 Charming Beach Cottage Decor Ideas

From small touches to gorgeous centerpieces, these decorations will make every day feel like a blissful escape to the shore.

1. Nautical Stripes

Bring a nautical vibe to your bedroom with linens and pillows sporting blue and white nautical stripes. This classic pattern pops against dark wood bedframes and benches. 

2. Wicker Accents and Distressed Wood

Wicker baskets and a distressed wooden coffee table infuse rustic charm into this stunning space, with their natural texture offering a warm contrast to the room’s cool palette of blues and whites.

3. Ocean-Inspired Wall Art

A large painting of crashing waves graces these walls, adding depth against the neutral gray color on the walls and bringing the splendor of the sea indoors.

A woven pouf, woven rug, reclaimed wooden furniture, and linens for the couch and pillows will go well with the painting.

4. Beachy Lanterns

Something as simple as adding jute pendant lights to your living room can give it a beachy feel, especially when paired with pale blue linens and a white wood coffee table.

5. Anchor Wall Hooks

For beach cottage decor that blends style and function, go for sturdy anchor-shaped hooks! Mount them on the walls to serve as useful and thematic decor pieces for hanging light jackets and hats.

6. Upholstery in Coastal Colors

In many cases, upholstery can set the tone for your space.

Upholstered chairs in cool seafoam greens and soft sandy frames reflect the palette of the shoreline for an effortless coastal aesthetic.

7. Beach Hammock

Hung up high with thick white ropes on your porch, this beige hammock with tassels blends Boho and coastal styles seamlessly. It invites ultimate relaxation, with the rhythmic sounds of the ocean lulling you to sleep.

8. Weathered Wood 

Sun-bleached and salt-kissed, weathered wood furniture and accents have a time-worn look that speaks to its resilience and storied history. Pair them with plush throws in neutral colors for a balance between ruggedness and comfort. 

9. Natural Fiber Rug

The feel of a natural fiber rug underfoot with diamond patterns captures the essence of a beach path trodden by bare, sandy feet. To drive the theme home, surround them with lush tropical plants and vibrant blooms.

10. Ship Wheel Wall Decor

An antique large ship’s wheel mounted on the wall spins tales of nautical adventures.

It’s the perfect statement-making centerpiece for your entryway that will get compliments and spark conversation among your guests.

11. Decorative Fishnet With Shells and Starfish Accents

Complemented by scattered shells and starfish, this decorative fishnet-inspired runner drapes beautifully over the table runner — a stylish depiction of the coastline’s bounty.

12. Seashell Chair

A cozy Art Deco seashell-shaped chair gives you a snug spot to unwind and forges a visual link to the sea’s wonders at the same time. Its scalloped back and plush fabric offer cushy comfort, while its gold legs glam up your space. 

13. Rope-Wrapped Decor Items

Incorporating rope-wrapped candle holders into your space is a subtle reference to the rope fences of most beaches. Plus, it’s a great way to add a slight hint of texture to your coffee table.

Tip: Set the candles in a reclaimed wooden tray for additional flair.

14. Shiplap Accent Wall

A shiplap accent wall captures the light, airy essence of beachy designs, with its crisp white paint and clean lines instantly brightening up any space.

It’s also the ideal backdrop for floating wood shelves showcasing eclectic decor and sea-inspired art. 

15. Tinted Blue Vases With White Flowers

Filled with large white blooms and standing among seashells in a seagrass tray, these tinted blue vases echo the sea’s hues and bring an air of calm to your sanctuary.

A stunning decor idea for fans of coastal and cottagecore designs

16. Surfboard Display and Storage

In the mood for a fun DIY project? Repurpose vintage surfboards into wall shelves!

With this decor idea, you can embrace the adventurous spirit of surfing while creating a unique storage solution for your home.

17. Seaside-Inspired Votive Candle Holders

Decorate your outdoor dining area with seaside-inspired votive candle holders — filled with and surrounded by seashells — to create an intimate ambiance at your next garden party.

18. Porthole Mirrors

A porthole-shaped mirror on the wall above your fireplace serves as a charming nod to nautical design, showcasing your passion for the ocean. What’s more, it reflects light and helps make a small space feel expansive.

19. Sailing Motifs

Beddings with a motif like anchors invite dreams of waves and voyages across the high seas.

Tip: Go for smaller prints if you want a sophisticated look for your space and larger ones for your child’s bedroom. 

20. Beach-Themed Throw Pillows

Transform your couch into a seascape with throw pillows featuring beach-inspired or textured blue designs!

You can go for pillows in different shades of blue for an understated take or go all out with detailed depictions of scenes at the beach.   

21. Coastal Wall Mural

You’ll feel like you’re at the beach all day with a wall mural like this, featuring deep blue waves and seafoam crashing. Now you can surrender to the serenity of the sea without ever stepping outside. 

22. Seashell Chandelier

The lovely shimmer of this Art Deco shell chandelier mimics the ocean’s whispers and sparkles in this beautiful beachside retreat.

Bring the Beauty of the Ocean Home With Beach Cottage Decorations!

Aside from beautifying your space, beach-themed decorations capture a feeling — a breath of fresh air, a moment of tranquility, and a connection to the ocean — and suspend it in mid-air. 

This way, you always feel that rush of calm every time you come home. 

Whether you sprinkle a handful of nautical accents or go full sail with a coastal theme, beach cottage decor can be your anchor to a simpler, more peaceful way of living.

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