Eider White vs. Repose Gray: Comparing Paint Colors

When choosing between neutral paint colors like Eider White vs. Repose Gray for your home, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with their differences. 

Eider White is an off-white paint color that looks very much like a warm light gray, thanks to its gray undertones.

Woman choosing paint shade for wall indoors, focus on hands with color sample cards.

In contrast, Repose Gray is a slightly deeper neutral gray color with slight blue, purple, and taupe undertones, striking the perfect balance between warm and cool.

Still confused? We’re here to help. This article will delve into the nuances between these two Sherwin-Williams favorites to help inform your decision.

Sherwin Williams Eider White vs. Repose Gray: A Quick Overview

AspectEider WhiteRepose Gray
Sherwin Williams Code NumberSW 7014SW 7015
ColorOff-white with gray undertonesNeutral gray with a mix of cool (blue and purple) and warm (taupe) undertones
RGB ValuesR: 226, G: 222, B: 216R: 201, G: 201, B: 192
Light Reflectance Value (LRV)7358
Suitability for Small RoomsCan make small spaces appear larger due to its lighter toneMay make small rooms feel slightly more enclosed compared to Eider White
Suitability for Large RoomsWorks well but may look very subtle on large wallsProvides a stronger presence in a large space without overwhelming
Best Used InBedrooms, living rooms, and nurseries for a soft, serene vibeAny room, including living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms for a cozy, yet sophisticated aesthetic
Overall Vibe/AestheticCreates a calm, airy, and open feeling, ideal for a minimalist or Scandinavian styleOffers a modern, chic, and versatile backdrop that works with a variety of decor styles

Similarities of Eider White and Repose Gray

Besides being popular paint colors from Sherwin Williams, Eider White and Repose Gray share a few similarities, including the following:

  • Warm — While the undertones of these paint colors differ, they’re both perceived as having an overall warm appearance.
  • Versatile — These neutrals are highly adaptable to different interior styles and color schemes, from modern to traditional. And they can be used all throughout a home for a cohesive look.
  • Stylish — They also provide a stylish alternative to pure whites and beige tones. Plus, they exude a modern, yet timeless quality that can transform a room’s atmosphere.

Differences Between Eider White vs. Repose Gray

With all these similarities, these two colors may appear quite similar initially, but there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Let’s take a look at their differences.

an empty living room without furniture painted with repose gray

Light Reflectance Value

The most striking difference is their light reflectance value (LRV). 

Eider White has an LRV of 73, which means it reflects more light than Repose Gray. So it can make a room feel more open and airy, which can help small spaces appear larger.

On the other hand, Repose Gray has a lower LRV of 58, meaning it absorbs more light. As such, it appears darker and provides a stronger color presence, which can make a room feel cozier and more intimate.


Undertones are another significant distinction between Eider White and Repose Gray. 

Eider White has warm gray undertones that can look pink or purple in certain lighting conditions. Meanwhile, Repose Gray is generally described to have subtle blue or purple undertones with a hint of taupe. 

So while both are considered warm colors, the difference in their undertones makes Eider White appear a bit warmer, while Repose Gray appears truly neutral. 

Take note that how pronounced their undertones look will depend on the amount or quality of light in a room (we’ll discuss this further later on!).

RGB Values

For Eider White, with RGB values of R: 226, G: 222, and B: 216, the close balance of red, green, and blue creates a very light gray color with a slightly warm cast due to the red and green being higher than the blue.

Repose Gray, with RGB values of R: 205, G: 202, and B: 194, has a similar balance but with lower intensities of each color.

Again, these values give Repose Gray a more neutral appearance.

Effect of Lighting on Eider White and Repose Gray

Now you can see that both Eider White and Repose Gray are gorgeous paint colors. 

But it’s important to remember that their appearance can change depending on the natural light in a room.

Interior of festive bedroom with cozy bed and gifts under Christmas tree

Here’s a quick overview on how their colors may look in different lighting conditions:

Repose Gray

  • South-facing rooms/spaces with ample natural light — In rooms with plenty of light, Repose Gray will show its warmer side, preventing it from looking too flat.
  • North-facing rooms/spaces with dim light — Repose Gray tends to show more of its cooler violet undertones in dim lighting or north-facing rooms with less natural light and more shadows, making it look dull. 

Top tip: You can enhance Repose Gray’s warmth in dimly lit rooms by using artificial lighting with a warm color temperature to balance its cooler undertones.

Additionally, pair it with warm wood tones or rich textiles to counteract its potential flatness.

Eider White

  • South-facing rooms/spaces with ample natural light — Eider White benefits from being in a well-lit room where its warmth is highlighted.
  • North-facing rooms/spaces with dim light — Eider White’s hints of purple can be more visible in dim light.

Top tip: A good way to prevent Eider White from looking too bright in well-lit rooms is by balancing it out with fixtures or accent walls in slightly deeper colors. 

On the other hand, you can soften its cooler appearance in poorly lit areas by using warm white light bulbs or layering it with warm-colored decor elements.

Eider White vs. Repose Gray: Where To Use


Eider White creates a soft and approachable atmosphere, making it perfect for bedrooms. Pairing this color with cozy, neutral-toned furniture will create a restful environment.

Repose Gray also works well, providing a sophisticated touch to the bedroom while still maintaining a soothing ambiance.

Stylish bedroom interior with large comfortable bed and bedside table


Repose Gray is a more ideal choice for kitchens due to its neutral hue. It pairs well with cabinets, appliances, countertops, and backsplashes in any color and made of any material, bringing a sense of balance to the space.

That said, Eider White can also be used in contemporary kitchens, where its light and airy quality provides a fresh feel.

Living Room

Eider White is a fabulous option for living rooms, as it offers an inviting and open atmosphere. Combine it with bold-colored furniture and accents for an eye-catching design.

Repose Gray is also a strong option, although it may need to be paired with good lighting for a truly comforting feel. But it works particularly well in spaces where you want to create a more refined and elegant vibe.


The soothing quality of Repose Gray lends itself beautifully to bathrooms, where it imparts a sense of luxury and calmness.

If you’d like a brighter option, Eider White works well too, especially when combined with wooden fixtures and statement-making design elements.

Coordinating Colors for Eider White and Repose Gray

When selecting coordinating colors for your rooms with Eider White and Repose Gray, it’s equally important to explore how these shades interact with other colors.

Here are some suggested coordinating colors for both paint shades:

Eider White Coordinating Colors

  • Morris Room Grey This is a mid-tone gray that complements Eider White by providing contrast as an accent color, grounding the lighter Eider White.
  • Snowbound — This pure white is perfect for trim and accents. It can help maintain a cohesive look while offering a crisp, clean trim option that goes well with Eider White’s warmer, less stark appearance.
  • Aqua-Sphere — With its cool, tranquil vibe, this soft blue-green hue offers a refreshing contrast to Eider White’s warmth, creating a balanced and serene color palette.

Repose Gray Coordinating Colors

  • Mindful Gray — A deeper gray paint color, Mindful Gray coordinates well with Repose Gray in open floor plans, which provides depth and definition in adjoining spaces.
  • Comfort Gray — This cooler gray with green-blue undertones offers a soothing contrast to Repose Gray’s warmer notes, ideal for creating a cohesive but captivating color scheme.
  • Simple White — For a refreshing counterpoint to the muted warmth of Repose Gray, choose this clean and crisp white that’s perfect for trim, ceilings, or cabinetry.
  • Sea Salt — This is a calming green with gray undertones that brings a natural, earthy feel to a space dominated by Repose Gray.
  • Oceanside — If you want a hue that can add a bold yet harmonious pop of color, try this rich, deep blue-green, which stands out against the neutral backdrop of Repose Gray.
simple vignette of an interior room with a chair window with blinds chandelier arm chair in lavender mauve color with panama style hat and handbag and a simple grey contemporary lounge chair

Frequently Asked Questions on Eider White vs. Repose Gray

What Finish Is Good for Eider White and Repose Gray?

Both neutrals can look good with any type of finish. 

But in the kitchen, bathroom, or any room with high humidity or harsh lighting conditions, opt for paint finishes (like eggshell or satin) with higher sheen levels, as they make these neutrals pop more.

What Color Is Similar to Both Eider White and Repose Gray?

A color that strikes a balance between Eider White and Repose Gray is Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster. 

With an LRV around 82, Alabaster is slightly lighter than Eider White but maintains a warm and neutral appearance.

It works well in various spaces and applications, providing a soft yet sophisticated hue.

Can Eider White and Repose Gray Be Used Together?

Yes, absolutely. They’re both warm but have enough of a contrast with their LRVs to add depth and visual interest to any space, creating a layered but harmonious look.

So if you’re undecided between Eider White and Repose Gray, don’t worry — they can work together beautifully! 

a bedroom with a bed, dressers and mirror in the back wall behind it is a white wardrobe door

Eider White vs. Repose Gray: Which Color Will You Choose?

Both Eider White and Repose Gray have unique qualities and can contribute to a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

So the decision between them depends on your personal preferences and the specific mood you want to create in your space.

Keep in mind the importance of lighting conditions, as each color may change its appearance based on the amount and type of light in the room.

Take your time as well when selecting coordinating colors and decor for both Eider White and Repose Gray to ensure you create a space that you truly love.

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