Evergreen Fog Coordinating Colors To Elevate Your Space

Choosing the perfect color scheme for your home can be overwhelming, especially if you start with a unique shade like Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog.

Need help with choosing colors that complement it? Our guide on Evergreen Fog coordinating colors is here to help.

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Read on to say goodbye to color confusion and enhance the look of your space!

Understanding Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog, from Sherwin-Williams, was chosen as the color of the year for 2022.

This nature-inspired neutral green color adds a touch of tranquility to any space and can be used in various rooms around your home.

UndertonesMid-tone green with significant gray undertones
Light Reflectance Value (LRV)31.15
RBG146, 153, 146

Exploring Evergreen Fog Undertones

Evergreen Fog belongs to the gray family, but it has subtle undertones of green.

This unique mix endows the color with its calming effect and appeals to people seeking a versatile neutral shade for their space.

Despite being green, which is typically considered a cool color, the gray overtone in Evergreen Fog pulls it back to neutrality. This makes it an excellent choice for spaces where a balance of warmth, neutrality, and coolness is desired.

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Evergreen Fog Values

Before going into the specifics of this color, such as RGB, hex, and LRV, let’s briefly explain what these terms mean.

  • RGB stands for red, green, and blue color values. For Evergreen Fog, the RGB values are 146, 153, 146.
  • Hex is a six-character code representing the color in web design. Evergreen Fog’s hex code is #929998.
  • LRV (light reflectance value) measures the percentage of light the color reflects. Evergreen Fog has an LRV of 38.

These values provide a framework for understanding how this color will appear under different lighting conditions.

Quick tip:

When applying Evergreen Fog in your home, consider the lighting you will have in that space.

Remember that lighting plays a critical role in how a color is perceived. Generally, natural light brings out the undertones, while artificial lighting can alter the overall appearance, making it appear lighter or darker, depending on the intensity.

Whether it’s a living room, bedroom, or even a kitchen, proper lighting can accentuate the calm, neutral elements of this color and create the perfect ambiance.

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Coordinating Colors With Evergreen Fog

Combining Evergreen Fog with coordinating paint colors enhances its organic charm, here are some great colors to pair it with:


  • SW Alabaster (Soft White): This warm, soft white creates a crisp and clean contrast to the muted green-gray of Evergreen Fog. It highlights the richness of Evergreen Fog, making the green hues stand out and the space feel more vibrant and fresh.
  • SW Creamy (Soft Cream): The warm and gentle creaminess of this color softens the coolness of Evergreen Fog, bringing a comforting and harmonious balance to the room. It adds a touch of warmth without overpowering the subtlety of Evergreen Fog.
  • SW Accessible Beige (Warm Neutral): This light, warm beige complements the cooler tones of Evergreen Fog by adding a contrasting element. The combination of these colors creates a soothing, natural look that is both welcoming and balanced.
  • SW Balanced Beige (Neutral Beige): The warm, inviting quality of Balanced Beige harmonizes with the earthy undertones of Evergreen Fog, creating a cohesive and cozy environment. This pairing is ideal for spaces where comfort and tranquility are important.
  • SW Tansy Green (Tan): The warm, earthy tan of Tansy Green complements the coolness of Evergreen Fog, providing a natural and balanced look. It’s perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • SW Urbane Bronze (Rich Brown): The deep, earthy tones of Urbane Bronze add a grounding, sophisticated contrast to the lighter Evergreen Fog. This combination brings a sense of elegance and stability to the space.
  • SW Mindful Gray (Soft Gray): This soft gray blends seamlessly with the gray undertones in Evergreen Fog, creating a subtle and sophisticated monochromatic scheme. It’s ideal for a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
  • SW Iron Ore (Charcoal Gray): The dark, dramatic Iron Ore adds a bold contrast to the softer Evergreen Fog, creating a dynamic and modern look. This pairing is great for adding visual interest and depth to a space.
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Blue Shades

  • SW Naval (Deep Blue): This deep, sophisticated navy blue contrasts Evergreen Fog, emphasizing its green undertones. The combination creates a bold yet balanced look, ideal for an elegant and contemporary space.
  • SW Charcoal Blue (Rich Blue): The rich depth of Charcoal Blue complements the muted nature of Evergreen Fog by adding sophistication and depth. This pairing is perfect for creating a serene, contemplative ambiance with a touch of elegance.
  • SW Rainwashed (Dusty Blue): The soft and muted qualities of Rainwashed complement the tranquility of Evergreen Fog, creating a soothing and airy atmosphere reminiscent of a serene, natural landscape.
  • SW Tranquil Aqua (Teal): This muted teal offers a subtle contrast with a hint of color that’s neither too bold nor too soft, enhancing the peacefulness of Evergreen Fog while adding a touch of vibrancy.


  • SW Olive Grove (Earthy Green): Olive Grove’s deep, natural green enhances the green hues of Evergreen Fog, reinforcing the connection to nature and creating a rich, layered look. This pairing is ideal for a space that celebrates the outdoors.
  • SW Sage (Soft Green): This muted sage green complements Evergreen Fog by maintaining a consistent green palette but adding variation in depth. This creates a harmonious and tranquil environment, ideal for restful spaces.
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Purples and Pinks

  • SW Mellow Coral (Soft Pink): The subtle vibrance and warmth of Mellow Coral gently contrast with the cool, muted tones of Evergreen Fog, adding a touch of cheerfulness and energy to the space without overwhelming it.
  • SW Blushing (Muted Pink): The soft, nurturing feel of Blushing pairs beautifully with Evergreen Fog, creating a delicate atmosphere. This combination is perfect for a space that aims for a soft, calming, and slightly feminine touch.
  • SW Light French Gray (Light Lavender): The light gray with lavender undertones adds a touch of sophistication and a slight contrast to Evergreen Fog, creating an elegant and tranquil space.
  • SW Wisteria (Soft Purple): The soft, muted purple of Wisteria brings a creative and calming energy to the space, pairing well with the natural and soothing qualities of Evergreen Fog.

Accents and Textures To Pair With Evergreen Fog

Pairing Evergreen Fog by Sherwin-Williams with the right accents and textures can enhance its natural beauty and create a harmonious and appealing space.

Here are some ideas for accents and textures that complement this unique color:

Wooden Elements

Natural wood, whether in furniture, flooring, or decorative pieces, pairs beautifully with Evergreen Fog.

The warmth of the wood contrasts nicely with the coolness of the color, creating a balanced and inviting atmosphere. Consider using light oak, walnut, or even reclaimed wood for a rustic touch.

a home dining room with wooden table and chairs big windows and glass door

Metallic Accents

Brass, gold, or copper accents painted with Evergreen Fog can add a elegance to a room. Think of picture frames, light fixtures, or decorative objects in these metallic tones to add a bit of luxury.

Creamy Whites 

To create a soft and cohesive look, pair Evergreen Fog with creamy whites in trim, textiles, or larger furniture pieces. This combination is classic and helps to lighten and brighten the space.

Rich Textiles 

Velvet, silk, or chunky knit fabrics can add depth and interest to a room featuring Evergreen Fog. These textures in colors like deep blues, soft pinks, or even bold yellows can make the space more dynamic and inviting.

Stone and Concrete

For a more industrial or modern look, incorporate elements of stone or concrete. In their natural gray tones, these materials harmonize well with the gray undertones of Evergreen Fog.

Greenery and Plants 

Indoor plants can enhance the natural feel that Evergreen Fog brings to a space. From large potted plants to small succulents, the greenery will complement the paint color and add life to the room.

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Patterned Fabrics and Wallpapers

Geometric patterns or subtle floral designs in curtains, cushions, or wallpaper can add interest and texture to the space.

Choose patterns that incorporate colors that harmonize with Evergreen Fog, such as soft grays, blues, or even muted greens.

Glass and Mirrored Surfaces

To add a touch of glamour and to reflect more light around a room with Evergreen Fog walls, consider using glass or mirrored surfaces in your decor, such as glass-top tables or mirrored trays.

Woven Baskets and Natural Fibers

Adding elements like rattan or wicker through furniture or baskets can introduce texture and a casual, earthy feel that pairs well with the grounded nature of Evergreen Fog.

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Evergreen Fog in Different Settings

Cabin Retreat

This subtle, versatile hue pairs well with rough-hewn wood finishes and complements the raw beauty of natural elements in the space.

Consider using Evergreen Fog on your walls and accentuating the design with organically inspired wood furniture.


Combine it with handcrafted tiles in glazes and textures that suit the calming vibe, such as natural stone and matte ceramics.

These tactile elements beautifully harmonize with the color, providing a sense of tranquility as you unwind in your personal spa-like space.


Evergreen Fog is an excellent choice for creating a peaceful and restful ambiance. Pair it with coordinating colors like white and incorporate warm, golden metallics to add a touch of warmth and balance.

Monochromatic textiles with tweedy or grainy textures contribute to the room’s cozy feel, creating a comforting haven for rest.

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Complement the cabinets with warmer tones and natural wood finishes that showcase each species’ unique characteristics. Combining these colors and materials enhances your kitchen’s organic, inviting ambiance.

Living Room 

Paint walls with Evergreen Fog to create an elegant and comfortable space. Pairing this color with metallic accents like matte black metals, burnished gold, or tarnished silver adds a stylish touch. 

Using textiles in soft, natural materials and organic shapes further emphasizes the room’s organic appeal.

Exterior Use

Pair Evergreen Fog with other coordinating earthy hues that effortlessly blend with the surrounding nature. Such a harmonious color palette will enhance spaces with greenery, making your landscape stand out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Evergreen Fog Look on Kitchen Walls?

Evergreen Fog can create a calming and fresh atmosphere in your kitchen. Its neutral undertone makes it adaptable and suitable for various kitchen styles. 

When paired with the right colors, finishes, and materials, Evergreen Fog will make your kitchen feel cozy and inviting. Sherwin Williams suggests pairing it with Shoji White (SW 7042) for an organic, flowy ambiance in your space.

Can I Use Evergreen Fog for an Accent Wall?

Yes, you can use Evergreen Fog for an accent wall in your home. This versatile paint color complements various shades and can add depth and interest to your room. 

For a harmonious and balanced look, consider pairing it with coordinating colors like Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) or Uber Umber (SW 9107). These color combinations will help you create a custom look that is uniquely yours.

How Do Evergreen Fog Cabinets Look in a Room?

Evergreen Fog is a chameleon-like paint color that can easily adapt to different styles, materials, and room layouts. 

Combining Evergreen Fog cabinets with complementary countertop materials, such as marble or quartz, will enhance the overall look of your space.

Elevate Your Evergreen Fog Space With These Coordinating Colors

Evergreen Fog and its coordinating colors bring a refreshing and calming touch to any space. This cool-toned, subtle green hue can transform your room.

If you’re a fan of nature-inspired palettes or love a touch of green, give Evergreen Fog a try. Experiment with coordinating colors to create a unique look for your home!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match; unexpected combinations make memorable transformations. With numerous options for coordinating, there’s no reason not to give Evergreen Fog a chance.

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