Throwing a Gender Reveal Party! It’s a…

The day FINALLLYYYY arrived!!! On Saturday we had our gender reveal party for Baby R, and I seriously felt like I’d been waiting YEARS! Okay, not quite, but since the beginning of June I’ve been Pinterest-ing like crazy, planning the decor, menu, and activities for the big day. I even made an Excel spreadsheet to stay organized – LOL! Anyway, the day finally arrived and I was oh-so pleased with how it all turned out! Oh, and beyond ready to find out whether I’m carrying a little girly or a little boy!

Gender Reveal Dessert Table

Gender Reveal Decor & Voting

I wanted to have a few activities planned for the party so our guests were entertained. When they arrived, I brought them over to the voting table to cast their vote! I created a poster with gender predictions based on old wives tales and let them cast their vote on a chalkboard. Which, PSST, I bought a few of those chalkboards for my wedding and I LOVE reusing them!!

Gender Reveal Voting Table

My favorite, albeit slightly brash part of the voting table were the regular and peanut M&Ms. Nuts? Or no nuts? Get it??? Heheheh…..

To create the whole “gender reveal experience,” we included lots of pink and blue splashes. We strung up blue and pink streamers and hung some pretty pinwheels from Target on the beam in our living area. I chose gold as an accent color so it wouldn’t look like a pink and blue explosion. It helped keep the decorations light and airy!

Gender Reveal Dessert Bar

You read that right. DESSERT BAR!!! I was inspired from Pinterest to do a table with half blue and half pink desserts, so I threw a few extra decorations on the table along with my gold placards and wah-lah! It’s almost Pinterest-worthy!

I picked up a couple inexpensive cardboard cupcake stands from WalMart (these!) and hot glued colored ribbon around the outsides – each cost me about $7! I cut off the top tier since I only made 15 cupcakes for each stand, and I used boxed cupcake mix and tub frosting because honestly, they’re 100% less stressful and still 100% delicious!

To tie the two sides together, I made some blue and pink, white chocolate-dipped Rice Krispie bars. Also super simple. After making the bars (from the box), I melted white chocolate chips, added some food coloring, and dipped in the bars. I finished off everything with little sugar pearls to make them look gourmet. Ha!

Rice Krispies - Gender Reveal Party


After we ate lunch, we jumped right into the reveal! I had a friend fill a black balloon with pink or blue confetti, which would be revealed when we popped it! I was so wrapped up in the moment that I hardly got any good pictures, BUT we did do a Facebook Live video which you can which here!

Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

Woohoo!!! I could hardly believe we’re having a little baby boy! He’s already making a big entrance with this confetti – we’ve found it in our bathroom, upstairs, in the car, and even in our dinner. Just a taste of what’s to come!

Gender Reveal Games

Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to have a couple activities to keep our guests entertained. One way we did this was with a baby name race! Each guest had to think of a baby BOY name for every letter of the alphabet and the first one to finish won a gift card to a local gelato shop! This was great because it was fun for guests AND gave us tons of name ideas! Click the link below the picture to for the free downloadable PDF!

Gender Reveal Baby Name Game


The second game we played was a Baby Shower Mad Lib. I found this awesome free printable from which was perfect for the party. We split the guests into two groups and I did the Mad Lib with one group and the hubs took the other group. More opportunities for laughs!

Baby Shower Mad Lib

Aaannnnndddd that’s a wrap, folks! Thanks for stopping by! Only about 5 months to go until we meet our Little Dude and we have a big to-do list! Stay tuned for lots of DIY tutorials and nursery inspiration coming your way!


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6 thoughts on “Throwing a Gender Reveal Party! It’s a…”

  1. Love your dessert table – darling decorations! Congratulations! Balloon and Confetti reveals are so much fun!

    1. Thank you!! It was such a fun reveal. And we just had our baby boy a few weeks ago! ????

  2. Katlyn Rigdon

    Do you have a pdf or link for the wives tales chart?

  3. What a fun day that was! Thanks for going to all the work to make it such an exciting reveal!! Can’t wait to meet my first grandson!!????

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