Green-Gray Paint Colors: 30 Picks To Revamp Any Room!

Want to give your bedroom or home office a makeover with a sophisticated and soothing paint color? Try green-gray paint! 

This unique color works wonderfully in various spaces. It can lean toward a cool, soothing tone or a warm, inviting one, depending on the specific paint brand and color.

Woman hand choosing green and gray sample palettes.

If you’re not sure how to select the right shade or work with this color properly, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, you’ll find our curated list of the best green-gray paint colors, which we hope will help you find the ideal green-gray to match your style and decor.

30 Best Green-Gray Paint Colors: A Quick Overview

Paint ColorDescriptionLRVFeelSuggested Space
Sherwin-Williams Liveable GreenGreen with warm yellow-gray undertones61Organic, relaxingBedrooms, living rooms
Valspar Granite DustCool gray with green undertones48.109Stable, groundedLiving rooms, bedrooms
Benjamin Moore Sweet SpringWarm green-gray63.38
Soothing, brighteningAny room
Behr Laurel LeafMuted, earthy green with a hint of gray32Refreshing yet groundingBedrooms, bathrooms, home offices
Sherwin-Williams Sea SaltMuted green with gray and blue undertones63Airy, tranquil, beach-likeBathrooms, bedrooms
Sherwin-Williams Acacia HazeSmoky medium green with blue and gray undertones32Soothing, naturalVersatile for various spaces
Sherwin-Williams Comfort GrayGray with green undertones54Luxe and pleasantKitchens, sunrooms
Benjamin Moore Budding GreenSoft green with a touch of gray59.65Understated, elegantBedrooms, living rooms
Sherwin-Williams RainwashedBluish-green color with gray undertones59Tranquil, expansiveBathrooms, bedrooms
Sherwin-Williams Svelte SageWarm green with gray undertones41Sophisticated, cozyLiving rooms, bedrooms
Behr Nature’s GiftMid-tone green-gray color35Grounded, sereneLiving rooms, bedrooms
Behr Jungle CamouflageDeep green-gray38Relaxed, reminiscent of dense foliageBedrooms, offices, reading nooks
Farrow & Ball TreronRich and striking dark green-gray26Sophisticated, refinedLiving rooms, bedrooms
Farrow & Ball Card Room GreenDark and muted green with smoky gray undertones27Rich, historical, dramaticLibraries, dining rooms
Benjamin Moore October MistSoft green with a gentle gray undertone46.54Misty, calm, chameleon-likeAny room
Sherwin-Williams Jasper StoneCool green with hints of gray and blue32Balanced, organicLiving spaces, bedrooms
Sherwin-Williams Clary SageSage green with yellow and gray undertones41Airy, freshKitchens, bathrooms
Sherwin-Williams Pewter GreenDark green with smoky gray undertones12Stately, elegantDining rooms, home offices
Sherwin-Williams Filmy GreenLight green with a soft and cool gray undertone64Delicate, etherealBedrooms, living areas
Sherwin-Williams Evergreen FogGreen-gray with a hint of blue30Fresh, organicKitchen cabinets, living spaces
Benjamin Moore Gray LakeGray with a slight hint of green78.79Peaceful, airyBathrooms, bedrooms
Benjamin Moore Nantucket GrayEarthy green-gray39.83Sophisticated, warmLiving areas, studies
Sherwin-Williams Oyster BayGreen with blue and gray undertones44Cool, refreshingCommon areas, bathrooms
Behr Green TrellisMid-tone green-gray37Vibrant, eye-catchingPairs well with lighter or bolder accents
Benjamin Moore Saybrook SageMuted blend of green and gray45.46Versatile, peacefulAny room
Sherwin Williams ThunderousGray with green and brown undertones15Bold, dramaticAccent walls, cabinetry
Benjamin Moore Budding GreenSoft green with a touch of gray59.65Elegant, tranquilBedrooms, living rooms
Benjamin Moore Spanish OliveGreenish-gray color with olive notes52.54Inviting, strikingLiving spaces, bedrooms
Benjamin Moore Spring ThawLight green-gray color61.98Fresh, brightBedrooms, living areas
Sherwin Williams RetreatGreen with blue-gray undertones21Peaceful, contemplativeBedrooms, home offices

Our Top 30 Picks for the Most Sophisticated Green-Gray Paint Colors

1. Sherwin-Williams Liveable Green

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

A green color with a warm yellow-gray undertone, Sherwin-Williams Liveable Green has a pleasing, organic vibe.

The gentle tone of this color works well in promoting relaxation, making it an ideal choice for your bedroom. But its earthy feel would also make it a perfect fit for a nature-inspired home office or living room.

Calm relaxed positive pregnant woman rest on the bed holding big belly profile view

2. Valspar Granite Dust

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

For a cooler take on green-gray, go for Valspar Granite Dust, a gray hue with green undertones.

Thanks to its predominantly gray color, it’s incredibly versatile. It can go perfectly with any accent colors, decor, furniture, and fixtures. You can liven it up with bright colors like yellow or lean into its coolness with steel decor. 

Meanwhile, its green undertones give it a tranquil appearance, adding a sense of stability and groundedness to any space.

Orange blanket on grey sofa in modern apartment interior with poster and wooden table.

3. Benjamin Moore Sweet Spring

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

With its lovely warmth and gentle charm, Benjamin Moore Sweet Spring creates a comforting presence in any room. It can brighten up your space without feeling overpowering.

Its balanced mix of green and gray tones makes it a fantastic choice for various types of rooms and design styles, including boho, maximalist, and mid-century modern. This means it’s easy to incorporate into your existing design.

Stylish interior design of living room with wooden armchair, coffee table, bench, rattan decoration, carpet and elegant personal accessories

4. Behr Laurel Leaf

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Behr Laurel Leaf is a muted, earthy green with a hint of gray that gives it a subdued, calming appearance. Its undertones are cool yet can lean slightly warm in the right lighting, just like the soft, silvery green leaves of the laurel plant.

This refreshing shade works exceptionally well in spaces where you want to create a natural, restorative ambiance, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, or sunrooms. 

It pairs beautifully with soft beiges and creamy whites.

one woman adult caucasian female millennial using headphones for online guided meditation practicing mindfulness yoga with eyes closed on the sofa bed at home real people self care concept copy space

5. Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

If you’re looking to create a spa-like environment in your home, Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt is a perfect choice. 

This paint color is a soothing, muted green with gray and blue undertones. It’s been described as a chameleon, blending seamlessly into any room and creating a soft, airy feel that mimics a serene beachscape.

As such, it’s ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms with white trim and natural wood. 

beautiful pillow on bed decoration in bedroom interior

6. Sherwin-Williams Acacia Haze

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Acacia Haze can be described as a smoky medium green with blue and gray undertones. Its combination of cool and warm tones ensures it can work well with a variety of color palettes and lighting conditions.

Take note that Acacia Haze will look cooler in rooms with ample natural lighting and warmer or softer in artificial lighting. 

Plus, in addition to being used as a wall color for your living room and dining room, you can also use it to paint your kitchen cabinets or your front door. 

Beautiful happy middle age woman sitting in bed at home and reading book.

7. Sherwin-Williams Comfort Gray

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

No color encapsulates serenity better than this aptly named shade. While technically a gray color, Comfort Gray has enough green undertones to make it livelier and less cold than other gray hues. 

So it won’t lean too cool in rooms that get a lot of natural light, making it great for north-facing rooms. 

This shade is a popular choice for bedrooms, as its tranquility and slight hint of color create an ultra-comforting ambiance. You can further enhance the luxe, pleasant feel by pairing it with a rattan bed and textured rugs.

husband father playing with his children, two little boys brothers, in a large bedroom

8. Benjamin Moore Budding Green

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Benjamin Moore Budding Green is a soft, muted green with a touch of gray, giving it a tranquil and understated elegance. 

Its undertones are neutral, allowing it to serve as a subtle backdrop that complements a wide range of decor styles.

Remember, it’s not recommended for exterior use, but with such a calming and inviting tone, it’s the perfect choice to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Wooden and elegant steps in modern storey house

9. Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Bluish-green with gray undertones, Rainwashed has a unique ability to evoke a sense of serenity and openness, making even the tightest spaces feel more expansive and restful. 

While it has a light, soft tone that makes it look bright in well-lit rooms, it can appear grayer and moodier in spaces with dim lighting. So you can use it strategically to help you achieve your interior style goals. 

Hotel room with a large double bed in light colors.

10. Sherwin-Williams Svelte Sage

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Benjamin Moore Svelte Sage is a warm green with gray undertones, offering a touch of elegance and refinement to its earthy sage hue.

The color is perfect for boho- or farmhouse-style interiors with hardwood floors and natural decor, giving rooms a forest-inspired feel. 

When used in living rooms, bedrooms, and reading nooks, it can create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Young sporty lady wearing white tight sportswear exercising on fitness mat at home, living-room.

11. Behr Nature’s Gift

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Behr Nature’s Gift is a mid-tone green-gray that captures the essence of a lush garden. 

With more depth than brightness, it’s definitely a muted hue, bringing an air of sophistication into any space while maintaining a homey vibe. 

Of course, it goes beautifully with warm neutrals like creamy whites and tans. But you can also complement it with cool blue accents and light wood furniture for a relaxed aesthetic. 

Bedroom with a double bed with a pink velvet fabric headboard and a circular mirror with a metal frame and a metal design lamp

12. Behr Jungle Camouflage

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Suitable for both interiors and exteriors, Behr Jungle Camouflage is a deep gray-green paint that looks and performs like a neutral.

Its green hue is subdued enough to avoid overpowering other elements in any given space but still lush enough to make a statement. 

So it works perfectly when applied to your house’s exteriors or used as an accent color to freshen up a dark-colored bedroom. 

Cozy home interior with pastel colors, light bedroom in comfort apartment, white bed linen and canopy

13. Farrow & Ball Treron

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Farrow & Ball’s claim to fame is their densely pigmented, natural-looking paint selections, and Trenon is no exception.

This rich, visually striking dark green-gray shade — often considered a greener version of the popular Farrow & Ball Pigeon — gives rooms a dynamic and luxurious appearance.

It’s available in different finishes, from a chalky finish for bedrooms to a glossy one for kitchens. 

a room with blue walls and wood flooring, including an open door that leads to a bed in the corner

14. Farrow & Ball Card Room Green

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Another sophisticated offering by Farrow & Ball, Card Room Green is a dark, muted green with smoky gray undertones. 

It creates a rich and historical feel that’s reminiscent of the stately Victorian study rooms it’s named after, lending a sense of depth and elegance to libraries or dining rooms where flair and character are desired. 

For a timeless appeal, pair this color with dark wood or leather furniture and brass accents.

Cozy bedroom with white pillows and white bed sheets.

15. Benjamin Moore October Mist

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

This soft green has a gentle gray undertone that brings to mind the calm of dawn mist on verdant plants. 

With its earthy, natural tones, it can serve as a refreshing backdrop in a bedroom or kitchen or add a hint of color to a home office or laundry room.

Interior of light bedroom with wooden desk and PC near window with curtains

16. Sherwin-Williams Jasper Stone

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Sherwin-Williams Jasper Stone is a cool green with hints of gray and blue, creating a calming and balanced color that invites you to sink into relaxation.

Naturally, the hue is best used in bedrooms and living rooms, but it can also work well in a chic and serene dining room setting.

Beiges and whites are the best color pairings for this green-gray hue, and it goes exquisitely well with patterned flooring.

Morning breakfast in bed alone Young woman eating pizza

17. Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

There’s an airy quality to Clary Sage that you don’t get from a lot of other sage colors, and this is thanks to the yellow undertone and slight hint of gray. 

You can pair this paint color with other earthy tones, such as beige or brown, for a cohesive natural theme in your space. 

But don’t be afraid to bring in pops of color, like peach or yellow, to create a more dynamic and personalized design.

Photo of discover the Sophistication of Luxury Interior with marble side table and leather chair

18. Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Deep and cool, Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green is a dark green with smoky gray undertones that give it effortless boldness.  

This rich hue is ideal for hallways, dining rooms, or home offices, where its luxe appearance can anchor the space while making maximum impact.

It complements both rustic and industrial styles, pairing well with natural wood and metal finishes. 

Modern interior in emerald color with hidden wardrobe

19. Sherwin-Williams Filmy Green

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Sherwin-Williams Filmy Green is a light, ethereal green that has a soft gray undertone, which pulls it closer toward the cool side of the green spectrum. 

Like a gentle mist in a peaceful meadow, it can help create a restful environment in spaces such as bedrooms. 

That said, it can also encourage lively conversation in your living room, promote productivity in your study, or create a fresh, clean atmosphere in your bathroom.

Adorable baby boy learning to crawl and playing with paper magazine in white sunny bedroom.

20. Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Evergreen Fog was selected as Sherwin-Williams’ 2022 Color of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. 

Splashed with just the slightest touch of blue, this organic green-gray color marries natural freshness and incredible versatility. 

It breathes new life into any room, whether it’s painted all over the walls of your living room for a serene color palette or used to infuse warmth into your home office.

Washing machine in the laundry room style, interior concept, dirty clothes decor coffee table with vase of plant.

21. Benjamin Moore Gray Lake

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

This pale, airy silver has a subtle green tinge that gives it a tranquil and luminous quality. In any space, it achieves a look that feels both grounded and uplifting.

While it’s typically ideal for soothing interior styles with white trim and tons of natural light, it can also ground a space with bright pastel colors or lighten up a room with a dark palette. 

Modern Farmhouse Interior the warm color palette, strategic lighting, and stylish furnishings create an inviting atmosphere, perfect for home decor projects and lifestyle publications.

22. Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

It’s remarkable how well Benjamin Moore Nantucket Gray captures the foggy look and quiet beauty of its namesake island.

The color has an earthy, forest-like quality with warm undertones that make it inviting and versatile for various settings. It’s effective in making different spaces look polished while feeling very cozy. 

Nantucket Gray works well with a range of complementary and contrasting colors, from soft creams and rich browns to deep blues and purples.

Portrait of young Caucasian mother holds hug little toddler baby two months old, relax together in sofa at home, happy mom embrace small newborn infant child show love and care, childcare concept

23. Sherwin-Williams Oyster Bay

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

With a mix of blue and gray undertones, this elegant, mid-tone green has a calming vibe that instantly opens up any space.

It works well with a variety of decor styles, including coastal and contemporary. What’s more, it’s great to pair with different textures and materials, including marble, stone, wood, and porcelain tiles.

stylish bright modern bedroom interior with decorative niches with LED lighting and a huge panoramic window in gray and white colors and geometric shapes

24. Behr Green Trellis

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

The quaint, vintage vibe of Behr Green Trellis — a mid-tone green-gray hue — is simply stunning.

Pair it with ornamental decor, antique furniture, large paintings, and jewel tones to achieve a traditional aesthetic. You can even install crown molding for the full effect!

But if you want a clean, minimalist look, you can also pair this color with lighter shades like off-white and soft blue.

Happy woman lying in a bed, using laptop and drinking martini.

25. Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage is a versatile hue that blends the freshness of green with the neutrality of gray.

With this, it offers a tranquil backdrop suitable for any room, mimicking the peacefulness of a coastal New England town.

Top tip: Light or dark wood, soft linens, and textured decor can give this color added dimension. 

Interior of light bedroom with wooden desk and PC near window with curtains

26. Sherwin Williams Thunderous

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

By balancing a moody gray with warm brown and fresh green, this paint color is bold yet refined.

Perfect for accent walls or cabinetry, Thunderous adds depth and character to any space. 

Its unique feature is the way it can shift from a commanding presence to a subdued complement under different lighting conditions. So it can add a modern edge or a classic feel to various rooms. 

Side profile view young couple two gay men wearing casual clothes dance together near window sofa couch at home flat rest spend free spare time in living room.

27. Benjamin Moore Budding Green

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

A quick look at any room with Benjamin Moore Budding Green on its walls will transport you to a grassy field in spring. 

This soft, muted green with a touch of gray boasts a laid-back elegance that’s ideal for bathrooms, transforming a drab space into a dreamy sanctuary.

Make sure to pair it with deeper shades and airy neutrals to enhance its carefree appeal. 

However, it’s not recommended to use this color as exterior paint, as it might not hold up well against harsh weather conditions. 

White comfortable pillow on bed decoration interior of bedroom

28. Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

Spanish Olive by Benjamin Moore is a mid-toned greenish-gray paint color. 

Its olive notes give it a slight Mediterranean feel, perfect for creating an eye-catching but peaceful aesthetic in living spaces and bedrooms. 

We recommend complementing this hue with natural textures, rustic wood tones, and soft neutrals, matching the warmth and depth it offers.

asian pretty woman at new home interior

29. Benjamin Moore Spring Thaw

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

True to its name, Benjamin Moore Spring Thaw’s soft, organic blend of light gray and green calls to mind the softness of early spring snow melting away.

It reflects a good amount of light, making it an uplifting choice for stuffy rooms or small spaces. 

The hue’s versatility allows it to act as a neutral, but it still brings a distinctively gentle vitality to bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

young flexible girl doing yoga, gymnastics, flexibility and stretching online at home in a bright room

30. Sherwin Williams Retreat

an image of a smudge of green gray paint shade

One of the richest and most beautiful greenish-gray paint colors, Retreat is a rich, earthy green with soothing blue-gray undertones. 

It’s reminiscent of a forest in the mountains, providing a feeling of calm and seclusion like a peaceful hideaway.

This color is deep enough to make a statement yet muted enough to be versatile, making it suitable for a variety of spaces, particularly bathrooms.

Green living room wall background with grey decorative chair, lamp frame middle table and poster style.

How To Choose the Right Shade of Green-Gray Paint

Consider the Undertones

Green-gray paint colors are not created equal. They vary in many ways, including their undertones, which can significantly influence how they look and function in certain rooms. 

Here’s a quick guide to the undertones in green-gray paint to help you select the ideal shade for the style you want to achieve:

  • Cool undertones — Green-gray paint colors with cool blue undertones have a tranquil appearance, ideal for creating a restful bedroom retreat.

    But they also often achieve a more serious appearance than paint colors with warm undertones, which makes them a good match for a home office. 
  • Warm undertones — Conversely, a green-gray with warm yellow undertones can make a living space and common areas feel more inviting. Complement this with rich leather and earthy textures to enhance the coziness.

Light Reflectance Value

Light reflectance value (LRV) determines how much light a paint color absorbs or reflects. 

This is measured on a scale of 0 (black) to 100 (white). So paint colors with higher LRVs reflect more light, while those with lower LRVs absorb more light. 

Here’s how the LRV of your green-gray paint color will affect your space:

  • Higher LRVs (typically from 70 to 80) — These are brighter and more reflective, thus enhancing the openness of a space. As such, green-gray paint colors with higher LRVs are an incredible choice for giving small areas or rooms with limited natural light an airy feel.
  • Lower LRV (typically from 20 to 30) — These appear deeper, creating a cozier atmosphere. They’re perfect for spaces where you might want a more intimate setting, such as dining rooms. You can also use these paint colors for your home exterior if you live in a cold area, as they can absorb more light and heat. 
30 best color green gray infographic

How To Test Out Your Green-Gray Paint Samples

Choosing the perfect green-gray paint involves more than just selecting a shade that appeals to you at first glance.

To make sure it fits your space and preferences, here are some methods to test your chosen paint color:

  • Sample the color on pots. Starting with small paint pots of your chosen shades is sometimes preferable over swatches. 

    This will give you a better idea of how the colors look and allow you to apply a wider range of shades before narrowing down your choices. 
  • Clean your walls. Before applying your samples, it’s essential to have a clean surface. Otherwise, dust, grease, and other residues can alter your paint color’s appearance, 

    So make sure to clean your walls properly and let them dry completely for at least 24 hours before painting. 
  • Go for sizable patches. Applying larger patches, like a 12×12-inch square, gives you a better understanding of how the color will dominate a space.

    Tiny patches can be misleading, making the color appear either too intense or too muted.
  • Space appropriately. Keep clear spaces between different samples. This way, the shades won’t blend into one another or influence your perception of a neighboring color.
  • Check the colors in different lighting. A shade might look entirely different under morning light compared to the evening or under artificial light.

    As such, always place your samples in various lighting conditions to ensure you’re happy with your choice no matter the time of day.
  • Match your paint color with your room decor. Place your existing decor items next to your paint color sample so you can visualize whether they create a cohesive look when paired.
  • Take your time. Our initial reactions to color can sometimes change after we have been exposed to it for a few days.

    So don’t rush. Take time to reflect and ask others’ opinions.
  • Consider the finish. The finish of a paint — be it matte, glossy, or semi-gloss — can change its appearance. Some finishes reflect more light, while others give a more muted look.
Flat lay of creative architect moodboard composition with samples of building, textile and natural materials and personal accessories.

FAQs on Greenish Gray Paint Colors

Do Certain Finishes Work Best With Grayish Green Paint Color?

The finish you select depends on the look you’re aiming for and the room’s function. 

Matte or eggshell finishes offer a more subdued, sophisticated look. In contrast, semi-gloss or gloss finishes are more durable and suitable for high-traffic areas or rooms requiring frequent cleaning.

Can Green-Gray Paint Cover Dark-Colored Walls Efficiently?

While green-gray paint has good coverage, the efficiency in covering darker hues might require a primer or multiple coats. Always consult with paint store experts or read product guidelines for best results.

Decorate Your Space With Green-Gray Paint Colors

Green-gray paint offers a versatile palette that can transform any room with its unique blend of nature’s tranquility and understated elegance.

With our list of stunning shades to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect green-gray to breathe new life into your space. 

So pick your favorite green-gray shade, grab your brush, and bring your vision of a stylish, tranquil home to life! 

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