Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal (Finally!)

Back in July, you might remember the beginning of our master bedroom floor makeover. We even live streamed it on Facebook when we ripped out the carpet (watch it here), which was hilarious and disgusting.

Well, 4 months later (because that’s how all DIY projects go, right??), I am ECSTATIC to reveal our FINISHED (for now!) bedroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cue round of applause and joyous whistles*

In our final set-up we moved our bed to a different wall, so don’t get confused in the pictures!

OKAY, without further adieu… Let’s REVEAL!


Master Bedroom - First Moved In

Before (post-painting)

Bedroom Reveal - Before


Bedroom Reveal - After

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Those floors!!!! It finally feels so welcoming and clean. The carpet was so dirty, smelly, and disgusting, so getting it out of there was the best decision ever. Here’s another angle…


Bedroom Reveal - Before


Bedroom After from a Different Angle

I’m really stoked about the little “nook” to the right of the mirror! I’d love to swap out the chair for something comfier and make a nice place to curl up and read a book. Here’s a closer look…

Bedroom Makeover Decor


I was planning my decor around white, navy, and gold, but the difference in colors felt stark. I came across the throw pillow (above) that says, “Be Happy,” and loved how it was so bright and cheerful. I didn’t have any teals in our room yet, so I picked up a couple teal placemats to tie it in!

Bedroom Decor - Love Themed - Blue and White
Bedroom Makeover Decor - Gold Accents

Overall I kept my decor simple and uplifting. Hobby Lobby was my best friend in this process (but when is it not??).

Hello Love - Bedroom Makeover Decor

Bedroom Makeover Decor - Oh Happy Day

After looking through all these pictures, I started singing to myself, “Oh, what a relief it is!” then promptly realized that’s the theme song for Alka Seltzer ?. Regardless, it’s such a nice feeling to have our bedroom makeover DONE!! Now it’s on to our next project… I’ll give you a hint – it’s often connected to the master bedroom. 🙂

What's Next After the Bedroom

More to come soon!! ?

Big Camera Selfie

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Master Bedroom Makeover Pin

7 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal (Finally!)”

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  2. love your floors, my husband and I were not brave enough to tackle the hardwood install ourselves and opted to hire our carpenter friends to put them in for us.

    1. Thank you!! Yeah, my husband had a little experience installing hardwood floors and felt confident enough we could do it ourselves. It was QUITE the task! We definitely would have wanted some help if he hadn’t done it before!! Hope your floors turned out great!!

  3. Eva M Rissler

    Great job!! It turned out absolutely stunning… with your awesome photography, too!!

  4. Looks beautiful!! Love seeing you develop your decorating skills! You and Andrew did a great job on the floors – not everyone can take on that project with such great results! Bravo!!!

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