My Fall Decorating Dilemma, Solved!

People. I have a SERIOUS case of Fall Fever. It’s bad (or is it good?  😉 ). On Monday I had my first pumpkin spice coffee of the year and I about blew a gasket! Pure joy right here:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.55.35 PM

Since we bought our new home, I have been beyond excited to decorate for the seasons. As I started imagining our fall-inspired home, I got a little nervous about our walls being mostly gray and blue – colors I don’t usually associate with fall decor.

To add to my worry, all the beautiful fall-inspired homes I see on Pinterest have light yellow, beige, or white walls. Of course, fitting in perfectly with the fall theme.  🙄

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It was time to do a little research into how I could naturally bring in fall decor without having a mismatched theme and making my house look like a color wheel.

After pouring over Pinterest, I decided to stick to the following criteria for my fall decorating theme:

  1. Go heavy on browns and golds to provide a nice autumnal base
  2. Any “brighter” colors will be in the form of foliage, as foliage provides a natural look despite being boldly colored

With that in mind, I set off to Hobby Lobby for an autumnal adventure! When I walked in, I was greeted with a sign from the autumnal gods:



Bring on the shopping!! At one point I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the contents of my cart, but the friendly 40% off sale gave me a reassuring pat on the back (I think we’ve all been there).

cart filled with fall decor from hobby lobby

$84 later, I was out the door and seeing everything in tints of reds and oranges. Fall decor hangover.


My Decor Staples

Here are the things I used, umm… everywhere.

  1. Gold plates – Buy on Amazon
  2. Pinecone & Acorn mix – Buy on Amazon
  3. Fall Leaves – Buy on Amazon

fall decor essentials - plates foliage pine cones

The Centerpiece

The first thing I was thrilled to put together was the centerpiece for our dining room table. I bought all the fake foliage for about $3/piece and the bucket was about $6. I noticed pre-made centerpieces for $70-$80 in store, but mine added up to just $25! Cha-ching! 

fall decor centerpiece tablescape

Shop the Bucket / Shop the Plate / Shop the Wheat Grass / Shop the Foliage

The Quatrefoil Pumpkins

Because you know me and quatrefoil…  😀 

fall decor scene with pumpkin and candle fall decor plate with pumpkin and count your blessings

I love this plate of fall trinkets, but I think the whole table still looks a little empty… Maybe a table runner would help?

fall decor bare looking tablescape


The kitchen island also needed a little fall lovin’…

fall decor pumpkins with candle and foliage fall decor in kitchen island


And last but not least, what’s fall without a few owls?

fall decor owl candle plate

All in all…

…I’m relieved I was able to tie in the fall theme with my cool-colored walls. Here’s what I learned:

  1. The wood furniture I already had in my home served as a nice transition between my color theme and the fall seasoned decor
  2. Another great way to match seasonal decor is through a common pattern (i.e. the quatrefoil)
  3. It’s hard to use too much fall foliage when decorating, as I ended up buying even more to spruce up a few plates – don’t be afraid to get leafy!  🙂

How do you bring fall into your home? Any staples? Let me know!

7 thoughts on “My Fall Decorating Dilemma, Solved!”

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  4. One of my favorite things for fall decorating when I lived in Iowa was to go out in the yard or stop in a ditch that looked promising and cut a bunch of fall sprigs. My favorites were my red twig dogwood, hydrangea flowers and viburnums but I would snip anything that added a variety of textures to my arrangement. Then I would stick them all into my cleaned out entryway pots for a beautiful natural and FREE arrangement!! I’ll have to see if I can find a pic! I haven’t done it since moving to AZ but maybe I could?


      Oh yes!! I remember those pots! I was thinking to myself as I was buying fake leaves, “Too bad I don’t still live in Iowa where I could just go outside and get some real leaves for free!” If you see something worth snipping in AZ, I say go for it! I’ve found that many leaves start changing in the spring here, which is weird. Let me know what you find!

  5. Aaahhhh LOVE!!! I’m so happy to hear you have finally caved into autumn pre-September! For me I can’t do fall without candles–pumpkin, caramel-y, apple, fall harvest, etc. It really makes my home come to life! I love your plate idea and the centerpiece on your dining table–you’ve now inspired me and I MUST go to Hob Lob. Dang.


      I am definitely dumping some of the blame on you!!! I didn’t mention that I also have a pumpkin candle warmer light plugged in as well as the most AMAZING “Autumn Harvest” candle I got at Kohl’s!!! Literally, Autumn in wax form. Heaven. I can’t wait to see what you find!! ?

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