24 Best Paint Colors for North-Facing Rooms To Warm Your Space

Are you trying to find the best paint colors for north-facing rooms? 

While this can seem difficult, the fact that you’re considering where the light is coming from means you’re already on the right track! 

After all, these spaces receive a unique quality of light that can influence the overall feel of the room. So your paint color choice is crucial in avoiding the potential for a dingy feel and creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.

a large modern living room with neutral painted walls, long curtains, white colored sofa and black chairs with paintings and woonden console

Not sure how to make the right selection? We’re here to help you narrow down your options with our top picks for the ideal paint colors for north-facing rooms! 

Paint Colors for North-Facing Rooms: 24 Incredible Picks

Paint ColorDescription
Sherwin-Williams AlabasterWarm white
Benjamin Moore White DoveClassic white with a balance between crisp and warm
Benjamin Moore White ChocolateDeep and warm off-white
Dulux Natural HessianCalming light beige
Sherwin Williams Accessible BeigeBeige with a hint of gray 
Farrow & Ball TallowSoft and light cream
Behr Perfect TaupeRobust brownish-gray
Farrow & Ball Skimming StoneLight warm gray
Benjamin Moore Chelsea GrayGray with warm undertones
Behr Campfire AshAiry gray
Benjamin Moore Lenox TanGolden-hued tan
Benjamin Moore Pale MoonPale yellow
Benjamin Moore Hawthorne YellowVibrant, cheerful yellow 
Behr ButtercreamCreamy yellow
Benjamin Moore Potters ClayTerracotta orange
Dulux Blush PinkLight, gentle pink
Farrow & Ball Pink GroundSoft, dusty pink 
Sherwin Williams Gold CrestBold, sun-kissed yellow
Benjamin Moore Palladian BlueAiry blue 
Benjamin Moore Bella BlueRich teal blue 
Farrow & Ball Green SmokeSmoky green
Behr Bitter SageLighter green with earthy tones
Dulux Jurassic StoneSoft olive green

Understanding Light in North-Facing Rooms

Before we get into our paint color recs, let’s briefly discuss how the light works in north-facing rooms and how it affects color perception. 

Natural light in north-facing rooms is often soft. In fact, these spaces receive the least and most indirect amount of sunlight throughout the year compared to rooms facing other directions. 

As a result, north-facing rooms seem dim. Additionally, the indirect light it gets can accentuate blue, gray, and green tones while muting warm hues, creating a chilly ambiance. 

This is why warm-toned paint colors are best for north-facing rooms. Such colors can counteract the cooler, bluish light in north-facing rooms, introducing a sense of snug warmth.

Color Recommendations for North-Facing Rooms: Neutrals

Now let’s explore the best paint colors for north-facing rooms with low light! 

Neutral shades are staples for any room. And warm-toned neutrals can give north-facing rooms a more inviting appearance. 

Whether you’re aiming for a clean aesthetic or looking to make your space appear homey, there’s a neutral shade that can complement your vision.

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

a realistic close-up image of modern and stylish study room with large walls painted in Sherwin-Williams Alabaster

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster is your go-to for a quintessential warm white paint color for a north-facing room. 

It’s a versatile choice that creates a soft backdrop that isn’t stark, making it perfect for spaces that see a lot of use. 

It works well with minimalist decor, allowing your furnishings to take center stage.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

a realistic image of a beautiful powder room with large walls painted in pure overall White Dove paint

While it’s a classic white, White Dove by Benjamin Moore strikes a balance between crisp and warm. So it effortlessly avoids any stark or clinical feel. 

It’s ideal if you’re looking for a white that’s not too cool, especially under the grayish light common in north-facing rooms. 

It also complements contemporary decor and stands up well to bold accents.

Benjamin Moore White Chocolate

a realistic close up image of an large accent wall painted in overall White Color paint with console cabinet, hanging mirror, potted plants, paints and home decorations

One of the best Benjamin Moore paint colors for north-facing rooms, White Chocolate offers a rich, creamy presence for a cozier feel. It’s a deep off-white with a touch of warmth to stave off the coolness of northern light. 

Think of it in traditional settings or anywhere you want a lovely white that doesn’t go too crisp. 

Dulux Natural Hessian

a realistic image of a modern bedroom with white bedsheet and comforter, a large wall painted in dulux natural hessian, potted plants, accent pillows in dark colors

Dulux Natural Hessian brings a touch of nature indoors with its calming, earth-toned hue. 

It’s a universally appealing color that works equally well in classic or modern homes and rooms with ample or poor natural light. 

You can use it to create a serene oasis, especially when paired with grounded, nature-inspired accessories.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

realistic image of a modern bedroom with white bedsheet and comforter, a large wall painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, potted plants, accent pillows in dark colors , natural lighting

If you don’t want to get rid of all the gray in your space, Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams — a mix of beige and gray — is perfect for you. 

It prevents north-facing rooms from feeling cold while still maintaining a fresh, modern look. Ideal for both walls and trim, it’s a stable backdrop for various decorating styles.

Farrow & Ball Tallow

A little warmth goes a long way with Farrow & Ball’s Tallow. 

This soft cream hue has a hint of yellow, emulating the subtle touch of candlelight. 

Use it to create a muted, relaxing atmosphere that’s not overly yellow, especially in more intimate settings.

Behr Perfect Taupe

a realistic close up image of a living room with large walls painted in Behr Perfect Taupe with different home decors

Behr’s Perfect Taupe is a robust neutral that offers depth and sophistication. 

It works especially well to add dimension and warmth, perfect for creating a focal point or an accent wall against the commonly cool northern light.

Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone

a realistic close up image of a living room with large walls painted in Farrow and Ball Skimming Stone paint with different home decors

Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball is a timeless gray with a touch of warmth. 

This hue effectively counteracts the limited light in north-facing rooms, adding a spacious feel without being too stark. 

It’s a great fit for a contemporary-style home since it retains the coolness of gray without further darkening your room or making it feel colder. 

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

a realistic image of an accent wall with wooden console and home decors with large walls painted in Chelsea Gray paint

If you want more definition, Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray adds an element of drama without overpowering your space. 

The warm undertones keep the gray from feeling too cool, and it’s splendid for achieving a bold yet cozy atmosphere.

Behr Campfire Ash

a realistic image of a beautiful living room with large walls painted in behr campfire ash paint, luxury sofa, home decorations, potted plants, tv, shelves

Behr’s Campfire Ash is a whisper of gray, ideal for creating a light, airy feel even in areas with limited sunlight. 

It offers a subtle way to add interest to your walls while maintaining a laid-back vibe that works well with casual, comfortable furnishings.

Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan

a realistic image of an accent wall with wooden console and home decors with large walls painted in benjamin moore lenox tan paint

Lenox Tan from Benjamin Moore has a golden hue that captures and reflects light. 

It pairs beautifully with rich textures and a variety of wood tones, making it a warm addition to a north-facing room that doesn’t receive a wealth of natural light.

Benjamin Moore Pale Moon

a realistic close up image of a modern bedroom with large walls painted in Benjamin Moore Pale moon paint, window, painting, potted plants, natural lighting

You’ll find Benjamin Moore’s Pale Moon a soothing pale yellow that imbues your room with a gentle warmth. 

Its prominent warmth brightens north-facing rooms, countering any cool light. 

Make sure to pair it with soft textiles and natural wood for a harmonious, relaxing space.

Color Recommendations for North-Facing Rooms: Bold and Bright Colors

Opting for bolder hues in a north-facing room can really lift the ambiance, injecting warmth and character into the space. 

Here are the best bold and bright paint colors that can enhance your north-facing rooms.

Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

a realistic close up image of a beautiful accent chair on a large wall painted in Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow paint, full body mirror, gold home decors, large painting, natural lighting

A vibrant, cheerful hue, Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow imbues your room with a sunny disposition, even without abundant natural light. 

Its warm undertones counteract the coolness and shadows of your room, creating a space that feels both energized and balanced.

Behr Buttercream

a realistic close up image of a coffee table with large walls painted in Behr Buttercream paint, window, painting, potted plants, natural lighting

Paying homage to its namesake, Behr’s Buttercream is a paint color that brings creamy warmth to walls. 

It’s an inviting shade that works well in a variety of decor styles, especially ones that feature antique wood or rustic elements. 

This color would be particularly appealing in a north-facing reading nook or a breakfast area where you want a touch of soft yet radiant warmth.

Benjamin Moore Potters Clay

a realistic close up image of a beautiful white accent chair on a large wall painted in Benjamin Moore Potters Clay paint, full body mirror, gold home decors and a tall lamp

Nothing warms up a room like Benjamin Moore’s Potters Clay. This earthy terracotta orange provides a stunning contrast in a room with cooler light. 

Use it to anchor spaces with its grounding effect or to add visual weight to a room that feels too airy.

Dulux Blush Pink

a realistic image of a modern living room on a condo with large walls painted in dulux blush pink paint, natural lighting, white sofa, vase with flowers, carpet, chandelier

Dulux’s Blush Pink gives you a subtle way to play with boldness. 

Its light, gentle hue provides a hint of color that doesn’t feel overwhelming, perfect for creating a serene yet spirited atmosphere. 

This hue can complement Scandinavian or maximalist interiors, balancing northern light with a warm, sophisticated glow.

Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

a realistic image of an attic girl bedroom with large walls painted in farrow and ball pink ground paint, a bed with cute pillows, an accent chair beside the bed with a bedside table lamp, natural lighting

Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground is a soft, dusty pink that exudes a welcoming warmth that makes it great for social spaces like north-facing living rooms. 

But it’s also a fantastic paint color choice for a north-facing bedroom, giving you a chic and still relaxing space.

Combine it with natural materials and light neutrals for a harmonious interior.

Sherwin Williams Gold Crest

a realistic close up image of a beautiful accent chair on a large wall painted in Sherwin Williams Gold Crest paint, full body mirror and a large painting with gold home decors

This bold, sun-kissed yellow can brighten up any north-facing room. A splash of this vibrant color can make even the smallest of spaces feel more open and lively. 

Accentuate with neutral grays or even light blues for a look that’s both bold and chic.

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

a realistic image of a bedroom with windows and curtain, large walls painted in Palladian Blue paint, white furnitures and bed frames, a tall head lamp, natural lighting

Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is an airy blue that can be the center of attention in a coastal-themed or Mediterranean-inspired space. 

When used in a north-facing room, it evokes the freshness of sea air and offsets the cooler daylight with its warm undercurrents. 

Pair it with sandy neutrals or whites for a breezy feel.

Benjamin Moore Bella Blue

a realistic image of a book shelves with a reading area, natural lighting, comforable chairs, potted plants and lamps

For a touch of sophistication, you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore’s Bella Blue.

It has a rich teal tone that works well when balanced with lighter shades or metallic accents, providing a stately elegance to north-facing rooms.

Farrow & Ball Green Smoke

a realistic and beautiful farmhouse kitchen in night setting with shelves and fresh flowers on the counter

There’s just enough warmth in this smoky green that makes it suitable for rooms with cool light. 

Nonetheless, it still brings a remarkable depth and a touch of nature into your space. 

This hue fits beautifully in a study or den, complementing dark wood furnishings and providing a backdrop that is both comforting and majestic.

Behr Bitter Sage

a realistic room inside a farmhouse with white staircase, large walls painted in Behr Bitter Sage paint, wooden shelves and coat rack

Behr’s Bitter Sage provides a lighter take on green with its earthy tones. It’s a savvy pick for spaces where you want to add a touch of drama without going too dark. 

Complement this hue with terracotta or beige for a modern room that feels rooted in nature.

Dulux Jurassic Stone

a farmhouse bedroom with large bed and window with swinging curtain, a small sofa beside the bedside table with lamp

As a soft olive green, Dulux’s Jurassic Stone adds warmth to a north-facing room and makes it look better-lit.  

It manages to be earthy and sophisticated at the same time, working well with metallic finishes and vibrant textiles to create a space that feels both grounded and luxurious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Paint Colors Should I Avoid for North-Facing Rooms?

Here are the hues to avoid:

  • Cool grays with blue undertones. These shades can further enhance the cool lighting in your space and may make the room feel colder and unwelcoming.
  • Very dark colors. Using darker shades in a north-facing room with limited natural light can make the space feel gloomy and cramped.

What Paint Finish Is Best for a North-Facing Room?

For north-facing rooms, a higher paint finish on your trim, such as satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, or high-gloss, can be beneficial. They help reflect light and add more luminosity and dimension to your space. 

How Do You Decorate a North-Facing Room?

Aside from painting your walls the right color, you can employ other decorating techniques to counteract the cool, indirect light in your north-facing room and create a more welcoming space.

Here are some tips:

  • Use reflective surfaces. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can bounce light around the room. This helps to maximize the natural light available and can make the space feel brighter and more open.
  • Choose warm lighting. Install warm-toned LED bulbs in your light fixtures, including your floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces.
  • Incorporate metallics. Gold, brass, and copper accents can add warmth to the room. These can be introduced through picture frames, light fixtures, decorative objects, or furniture details.
  • Go for wood elements. Try wooden furniture or decorative elements to add visual sense of warmth and natural texture.
  • Add plants. Plants that thrive in low light conditions can bring life and a touch of nature to your north-facing room. The greenery can also help improve the room’s ambiance and air quality.

Make Your Space Look Oh-So-Cozy With Paint Colors for North-Facing Rooms!

It’s true that it can be a challenge to choose paint colors for north-facing rooms. But with this guide, you now know it’s not impossible!

Just remember to focus on colors that enhance and complement the natural light in your room rather than those that contradict it.

And don’t be afraid to try paint samples and experiment with various colors until you find what works best for your specific room and personal tastes! 

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