Planning Our First Nursery!

In case you missed it, last month we announced we’re expecting our first babe at the end of November! And guys… I didn’t think planning our nursery would be THIS much fun!! It’s an excuse to put together a whole new room for the best reason ever. Eek!

Pregnancy Announcement in the Woods - Nursery Planning

We hadn’t thought much about our nursery during my first trimester, but now that I’m feeling semi-back-to-normal we’re checking things off our list! Even though we don’t know baby’s gender yet, we’re starting to work on the big-ticket items – like picking a room and finding furniture!

Picking a Room

We had to choose between our three extra bedrooms for the nursery (I know, our house is way too big for two people!). Ultimately, we chose the smallest one that used to be called “the cat room” (more on that in my post Cat vs. Carpet, *shiver*). It used to be super gross, but it’s been given a huuugge facelift since we got new carpet and a fresh coat of paint in there.

Another reason we chose this room is that we’re planning to use it as a “rotating nursery,” as in, for one baby after another. I think it’ll be a lot easier to convince a toddler to move to a bigger room than a tiny one! ????


Budgeting for the Nursery

While I would love to buy everything new for the nursery, we do not want to break the bank! Plus, we’ve had good luck refinishing furniture in the past and many used cribs are still in good condition.

With that in mind, my goal is to buy all our furniture secondhand, except the rocker.

And, *spoiler alert!* we’ve already found ALL of it!!!! Within 10 days we found a crib, dresser/changing table, and hutch for a grand total of (drumroll, please) $125!!!!!

Planning our First Nursery - Crib

OK, more on that in my next post. I just wanted to wet your appetite. ????

Picking a Nursery Theme

Like I mentioned, this nursery is going to be used for future babies. Because of that, I want to keep the theme pretty gender-neutral. Like, the whole theme – decor, colors, etc. I’ll include a few pink/blue accents depending on the gender, but all things that can easily (and affordably) be swapped out for future babies!

With that in mind, my current plan is to do an adventure theme. Whether it’s a girl or a boy, I can either channel my inner Merida (from “Brave”) or Hercules. Here are some of my favorite inspiration pins so far!

At this end of this month we’ll find out the gender of our babe and I’ll be sharing ALL about our reveal party! Until then, stay tuned for more nursery updates!!

4 thoughts on “Planning Our First Nursery!”

  1. I love this! I am in the middle of writing up a nursery planning post for my house. She is my last baby and my only girl so we are going all out! I was bummed to not get to design nurseries for my boys so I have to fulfill this dream full on right?! Love the adventure idea and I think you are wise to make it a rotating space!

    1. No way!! SO exciting you’re having a girl after boys! I would be going all out, too! Congrats!

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