The Best Black-Out Shades for Modern Farmhouse Windows

Review of Springblinds Window Treatments for Our Modern Farmhouse Home

The hubs and I have ramped up our home improvement projects again over the past 6 months which has been really exciting! It started with completely re-doing our master bedroom (again, because I hated it!), and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you!

One semi-easy upgrade that’s made a huge statement has been framing in our windows. We first did this in our kitchen remodel by adding a window sill and a simple trim frame around the outer edge, then painting it all white. It’s amazing how it “upgraded” the windows compared to just drywall!

modern farmhosue style kitchen renovation with subway tile

We didn’t install any window coverings in our kitchen, but we knew that we needed coverings for the two big windows in our new farmhouse-inspired master bedroom. Additionally, I really didn’t want to put the icky-looking mini-blinds back up.

So, the search began to find the perfect window coverings for our master bedroom! My husband and I are fact-finders, meaning that we do A LOT of research before making a decision on a purchase.

Seriously, we spent a solid week picking out the right socks for our 2-year-old. LOL.

We had a long list of requirements when it came to picking out the right window coverings. We kept finding products that matched a few of our criteria, but not ALL of them. And that simply wouldn’t do!

We finally decided on the Blackout Fabric EZ Rise Roller Shades from Springblinds!

Note: I was not paid, nor given any free product or discount for these window treatments; however, Springblinds offered a 20% off coupon for my next order for an honest review.

white shiplap in master bedroom with gray roller shade

Here are the reasons we chose these window treatments for our modern farmhouse bedroom and ALL the boxes they checked…

  • Roller Shades
  • Inside-Mount
  • Tweed Fabric
  • Cordless
  • Blackout
  • Heat-Blocking
  • Valence Included
  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable

We’re only a LITTLE picky. Haha! Let me explain our choices…

Roller Shades for Farmhouse Windows

First, we had to decide what type of window coverings we wanted for our bedroom windows.

While I’ve always loved the look of plantation shutters, they’re usually pretty expensive.

Mini blinds were out of the question because they didn’t block out enough light. Plus, they collect dust easily – something we deal with A LOT in Arizona.

I also didn’t like the idea of cellular shades (accordion style) because they collect dust, too.

Last but not least, because I didn’t want to cover up any part of the beautiful window frames my husband put up, curtains/drapes were out… so inside-mount roller shades were the best answer!

theb est roller shades for modern farmhouse style windows

Tweed Textured Fabric

We went back-and-forth A LOT on the look we wanted for the roller shades. Andrew really loves tweed-style fabric, so we were trying to find that type of texture. It looks extra-nice next to the shiplap wall!

We didn’t want any bold colors and we didn’t want a white or off-white that would clash with the white wall, so a shade of grey appeared to be our best option.

Thankfully, Springblinds had 2 different grey tweeds to choose from! We chose the lighter grey, “Mist Grey.”

modern farmhosue style tweed inner mount roller shades

Cordless Blinds for Safety

Another high-priority item on our list was cordless window treatments. The cords on window coverings are a huge safety hazard for kids, and with a 2-year-old plus another on the way, cords are not something I want to worry about!

These roller shades have a bar along the bottom to grab that makes them easy to pull down. Of course, if you had super tall windows and couldn’t reach, that could be an issue.

We have 8′ ceilings and I’m only 5’2″ and I can still reach the shades to pull them down!

Blackout Shades with Heat Blocking Technology

One of my pet peeves is waking up early because of the sun. This mama needs SLEEP!!!

This is another reason we ruled out blinds and other types of window treatments that didn’t block out enough light.

These blackout shades from Springblinds completely block out the light. Since we ordered inside-mount shades, there’s a tiny bit of light that seeps in through the sides, but otherwise our room stays super dark.

They also block out the heat, which is essential in Arizona.

blackout roller shade window treatments for farmhouse style windows

Free Valence Included

Another thing we loved about Springblinds was that the roller shade came with a free valence!

We have roller shades in another room of our house and the roll is exposed which looks kind of tacky.

We actually originally ordered a black valence to match our headboard because we were worried that the white valence would clash with our white paint. They actually sent us the white by mistake, but it matches perfectly! The mix-up worked to our advantage!

best window treatments for farmhouse style master bedroom

Easy Installation

Another cool thing about these inside-mount roller shades is that there are two ways to install them: either to the top of the window frame, or to the sides of the window frame.

When ordering, you can get as precise as 1/8″ which allows you to get as flush as possible with the size of your window.

This is crucial because the company that built our house was TERRIBLE with precise measurements. Walls are crooked, windows are different heights, and nothing is straight. You’d never notice with the naked eye, but when you’re doing intricate DIY projects, it’s a hassle!

The fact that we were able to get precise measurements for our roller shades and have 2 different mounting options gave us plenty of flexibility to have perfectly fitting window treatments.

Affordable Window Treatments

Obviously, cost was a huge factor for us. We wanted quality, but we didn’t want to pay an arm and a leg!

This is why we ruled out going with an installation company. Since Andrew is a pretty experienced DIY’er, we knew that we could cut costs by installing them ourselves.

Andrew really wanted the new electric blinds from IKEA, but holy cow, they’re EXPENSIVE!

When all was said and done for our customizations, each roller shade cost us about $89.18 and had free shipping. We felt that was a fair price for window treatments that checked ALL our boxes!

Final Review of Springblinds Roller Shades

We’ve had our Springblinds roller shades installed for a few months now and I’ve been very happy with them. They roll very smoothly and at a good speed — this is oddly important, as we have roller shades elsewhere in our house that are SO SLOW!

Now that we’ve taken these shades for a test drive in our master bedroom, we’re going to order some for our living room renovation and the nursery!

If you’re looking to install your own window treatments and need quality balanced with affordability, I’d definitely recommend Springblinds!

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modern farmhouse style DIY window treatments for a masterbedroom

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  2. I like how you mentioned getting blackout shades that can block out the heat as well. Since I live in Arizona, I want to get new shades that can control the heat and look great with a modern look. I’ll look for custom shades that can pull the room together.

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