4 Home Decorating Tricks From My Ingenious Mama


Throw pillows. Baskets. Decorative Balls. Rugs. Do you have an elevated pulse? If so, you probably have a case of Hyperdecorism: an obsession with home decor. Look it up, it’s real. JK! I made it up.

I definitely have a case of Hyperdecorism. I also have a case of, “when I begin decorating I have a theme in mind, but it never seems to come together as I picture it.” I never feel like it never turns out “Pinterest-worthy.” Do you know what I mean? Does this happen to you?

If you know my mom, you’ll know she’s a million things. She’s an entrepreneur, crafty, creative, spunky, silly, and the type of mom that knows all the things you wish you knew. Val is simply the best. Over the weekend we went on a long-overdue shopping excursion, and she gave me some decorating tricks and tips to seriously improve my home decor folly. Hold on to your seat.

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Throughout the morning, she was throwing out advice that was so practical that I felt stupid for not living by it already. I felt unprepared. An amateur.

We were walking through Tuesday Morning, a discount home decor store, and Mom asked, “Do you have your paint chips?”

Uhhh. My what chips?

Tip #1: Keep Your Paint Chips in Your Purse

Mama’s Paint Chips – they’ve seen better days!

For every paint color in your house, keep a sample of it in your purse (or wallet, dudes). It could be the actual paint chip or just a few strokes on a sticky note (see above). Fold it up and keep it close. When you’re out shopping for new decor, you’ll be able to easily match any piece to your wall color.

After Mom nonchalantly pulled out her paint chip, she goes all Mary Poppins and shows me…

Tip #2: Keep Your Fabric Samples in Your Purse

Mama’s Living Room Curtain Fabric

If you’re able to keep a fabric sample close, HAVE IT HANDY! This could be the fabric from your curtains, chair covers, etc. I do recommend having something tangible instead of a picture on your phone, as the colors can get distorted in pictures. If this isn’t possible, a picture is better than nothing!

Fewer things are worse than buying a new comforter, excitedly making your new bed, then realizing it looked gray in the store but green in your bedroom. #SpeakingFromExperience  😥

As the excursion continued, we voyaged through the sea of throw pillows. I saw one that really caught my eye. ADORABLE.


Tip #3: Keep a Throw Pillow in Your Purse

Kidding! 😆 

Tip #3: Find One Inspiration Piece & Plan Your Decor Around It

When you begin decorating a room (or redecorating a room), try starting with one piece. Rather than attempting to visualize the whole room and all the different elements, it can be easier, simpler, and less overwhelming to start with one.

This also keeps you from buying 5 different pieces you love, but then find out they don’t necessarily jive together.

Begin collecting different items to match and soon you’ll have a beautifully put-together room! I love that pillow for one of our guest bedrooms. My mom fell in love with these baskets – she’s going to decorate her “She-Shed” (craft room) around their colors!


Later on, Mom and I began discussing how I could dress up my bed. We looked through throw pillows and blankets, and before I knew it here came…

Tip #4: Look at Decor for What It Is, Not What It’s Supposed to Be


Here’s what I mean: we were walking through the kitchen department when we saw some table runners. “A table runner would be perfect at the end of your bed!”

Instead of thinking of it as a “table runner,” think of it as a “bed runner.” A table runner is really just a long piece of fabric. It worked perfectly!


Curtains? They’re pretty much just big sheets of fabric. If you find a set you love, order one extra to make a couple matching throw pillows.

Cute baskets? Instead of putting stuff inside, turn it upside down and use it as a stand for pictures frames and other trinkets.

The possibilities are endless. The next time you’re shopping for decor, I challenge you to get creative. Don’t look at what it is, look at what it could be.

How have you gotten creative with home decor? Do you have any decorating tricks? Do you have Hyperdecorism? Share in the comments!

9 thoughts on “4 Home Decorating Tricks From My Ingenious Mama”

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  3. Mary Ann

    BTW our poor husbands have to learn to tolerate such things as throw pillows you can’t actually use and table runners at the ends of our beds! Poor thangs!

    1. hmrissler@gmail.com

      LOL! We were laying on our bed yesterday and Andrew kept resting his arm on a throw pillow (smashing it,) so I continually, nonchalantly moved it away. Hahaha! Poor thang!

  4. Mary Ann

    I like the rooms in my house to flow into one another! They don’t all have to be the exact same color but one palatte that flows throughout the house is nice and then you can add in pops of other colors in each room! Hyperdecorism? Uh…yeah….

    1. hmrissler@gmail.com

      MA – You’ve always been the queen of this! Your decor has always been so tasteful and nicely flows together. I can’t wait to see your house in Chicago!!

  5. I definitely have hyperdecorism! Now I want to go shopping…WITH MY HOBS LOBS GIFT CARD!! #nextepisodeofintervention

    1. hmrissler@gmail.com

      Girl…. You are a living, breathing example! LOL! Hobs Lobs decor is SO CUTE right now. #JustSpent70Dollars

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