A Reality Check for All Your STUFF

I have a hard time getting rid of anything with mediocre value. Last month I found all my high school graduation cards from 5+ years ago, looked through them, then put them all back in the Ziplock bag and back in the box. I could not bear to toss them.  🙄


Since moving into our house, one of my biggest challenges has been finding a place for all of our stuff. You know the type – books you’ve collected over the years, knick knacks, old Pinterest projects, presents you didn’t really like, etc.

As I began unpacking more and more stuff after our move, I became more and more overwhelmed. So much stuff. So much clutter. I think those “minimalists” are on to something.

Let’s take a look at this bookshelf…

2013-09-23 23.44.20

Alright, it’s a little disheveled anyway, but it became a landing strip for my stuff – especially all those books. They don’t look “nice” or “smart” or “oh cool, I love your book collection.” To me, the shelf just looks stuffed and ugly. But hey, I needed a spot for my books, right?

I have not read some of these books in years. Or ever. #HonestyIsTheBestPolicy

My mindset has been, “This is my stuff. I have to find a place for it.”


Today, I’m changing my mindset. I’m turning things around.

I’m putting my home decor style above my love for “stuff.”

When you look on Pinterest at all your dreamy inspirational homes, do you see their stuff? No.

When you walk through a beautiful model home, do you see stuff? No.

Here’s my new rule: if there’s something I don’t like looking at, I have 4 options:

  1. Donate/Sell it
  2. Toss it
  3. Move it
  4. Pack it (for a MAXIMUM of one year, then resort to #1 or #2)

Guys. It is SO freeing to not look at stuff. Clutter. Junk.

Treasure your negative space.


I understand there are some things that you just can’t let go of – antiques, collectibles, keepsakes, etc – and that’s okay! However, I challenge you to take a look at the clutter in your home and do something about it. Is it bringing you joy? Or is it time to reconsider your “decor”?

In the wise words of Elsa…


Are you a “stuff queen”? What do you do to overcome your love of stuff? I’d love to hear your advice!

3 thoughts on “A Reality Check for All Your STUFF”

  1. I have the same problem… good luck on your journey of getting rid of stuff! And I totally have done the same thing with high school graduation cards!!

    1. hmrissler@gmail.com

      Haha! Thanks, Renee!! It’s such a difficult problem… Thankfully, I felt a release of these things this weekend and actually threw a bunch away!! Best of luck on your journey!!

  2. Well, as one married to the person for whom the nickname “The Stuff Queen” was created, I am immensely impressed by your epiphany and the results! I think you’ve hit upon a spiritual aspect of this as well (Colossians 3:2).

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