50 Simply Adorable Baby Girl Nursery Ideas You’ll Love!

Designing a nursery for your baby girl is an exciting project that allows for boundless creativity and imagination! 

Plus, you have the opportunity to craft a space that not only reflects your personal style and preferences but also provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for your little one. 

a nursery room with soft peach hues paired with rose decals, a perfectly peach-pink blanket, and a bed canopy

In this article, we share a myriad of baby girl nursery ideas, offering inspiration and practical tips to help you bring your vision to life. 

Whether you hope for a traditional, elegant nursery adorned with delicate lace and soft hues or a modern, vibrant space with bold patterns and contemporary flair, there are endless possibilities to suit your taste and preferences. 

50 Baby Girl Nursery Ideas To Try at Home

1. Calming Pastels

A gentle array of pastel hues adorns the walls and the various blankets in the space, providing a serene backdrop

A gentle array of pastel hues adorns the walls and the various blankets in the space, providing a serene backdrop. Soft, plush textures invite a touch of coziness into the space.

2. Floral Whimsy

a nursery room with vibrant floral wallpaper

This nursery comes alive with a celebration of color and pattern as vibrant floral wallpaper brings a lively burst of nature indoors.

3. Bold and Beautiful

a nursery room with coral wall accented by contrasting accessories

A single, coral-colored wall defines this nursery, accented by similarly colored accessories and showing off a perfect blend of daring and charm.

4. Rustic Retreat

a nursery room with natural wood furniture and a softly woven area rug underfoot

The rustic charm of natural wood offers warmth and grounding. A soft vintage area rug underfoot completes this rustic retreat and creates a peaceful space for you and your baby.

5. Mini Magic

a nursery room with a mini crib surrounded by light draperies and whispers of pink

A dainty crib sits snugly, surrounded by a soft skirt and painted in a whisper of pink. The small scale of the surrounding furniture maximizes space without sacrificing style and is perfect for your newborn.

6. Elegant Neutrals

a neutral-color nursery room with a white crib

Neutrals dominate for an elegant, timeless appeal, while various textures interplay to keep interest alive in this chic nursery setup.

7. Strokes of Sunshine

a nursery room with a bright, sunny accents and a bold strokes of yellow against a calming neutral background

Bright, sunny accents stimulate and uplift this baby girl’s nursery in bold strokes of yellow that stand out against a calming neutral background.

8. Blue Elegance

a nursery room featuring twilight blue walls with a hint of pretty silver stars

Twilight blue walls with just a hint of pretty silver stars conjure a sense of calmness and elegance, perfect for serene slumbers. The colors offer a sophisticated twist on traditional nursery colors. 

9. Modern Geometry

a nursery room featuring geometric shapes and minimalistic furniture

A modern nursery featuring geometric shapes and minimalistic furniture is perfect for a modern minimalist home. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces promote a sense of order and calm.

10. Blossoming Beauty

a nursery room featuring walls adorned with cherry blossom decals

Walls adorned with cherry blossom decals breathe life and growth in this girl’s baby room. It’s a beautifully blooming space that perfect for a baby girl and works beautifully for toddlers as well.

11. Storybook Corner

a nursery room featuring a cozy corner with cushioned seating and book storage

A cozy corner dedicated to fairy tales and storytime, with cushioned seating and bookshelves, is a perfect baby girl nursery idea. Plush stuffed animals wait to join the reading adventure.

12. Vintage Vignettes

a nursery room with an heirloom rocking chair, and lace and antique toys

Delicate vintage touches, like an heirloom rocking chair, imbue this nursery with a sense of history and charm, while lace and antique toys create nostalgic vignettes.

13. Seaside Paradise

a nursery room with an aquatic hues splash across the room, creating a soothing oceanic scene

Create an underwater coastal paradise in your little girl’s nursery. In this space, soft coral and aquatic hues splash across the room, creating a soothing oceanic scene. Sea stars and coral decor invite dreams of underwater adventures.

14. Scandinavian Simplicity

a nursery room featuring clean lines and muted colors

Inspired by Scandinavian design, this nursery exemplifies simplicity and function. Clean lines and muted colors create a peaceful, uncluttered environment, the perfect canvas to liven up with decorations depending on your preference.

15. Pretty in Pink Lemonade

a nursery room with walls the color of pink lemonade offer sweetness and light, completed by soft, cuddly textures

Walls the color of pink lemonade offer sweetness and light, completed by soft, cuddly textures. A perfectly feminine and fun color palette captivates the eye.

16. Macramé Dreams

a nursery room featuring macramé crib mobile and wall hanging

A macramé crib mobile and wall hangings add a Bohemian touch, artfully crafted to delight. This symmetrical setup speaks to a love of balance and organic textures and makes the space serene and relaxing.

17. Peachy Playfulness

a nursery room with soft peach hues paired with rose decals, a perfectly peach-pink blanket, and a bed canopy

Soft peach hues are playfully paired with rose decals, a perfectly peach-pink blanket, and a bed canopy in the same shade. A standing mirror surrounded by roses echoes the floral theme and turns this nursery into a gorgeous floral haven.

18. Mirrored Charm

a nursery room with ornate mirror reflects a world of multi-colored wildflower wallpaper

An ornate mirror reflects a world of multicolored wildflower wallpaper and echoes the nursery’s shabby feel. The reflection adds to the room’s depth and allure.

19. Tropical Tropics

a nursery room with intricate jungle mural

This baby girl nursery features an intricate jungle mural, inviting your baby to a world of tropical wonder. Bring this vibe to life with tropical plants in jute planters.

20. Gray Elegance

a nursery room with soft grey rug, and cream-colored walls

Baby girl nursery rooms don’t always have to sport feminine colors. This room, with its soft gray tones, sets the stage for elegance, meticulously balanced with the wooden floor. A graceful room that’s sophisticated yet inviting.

21. Garden Gala

a garden-themed nursery with green tones and floral motifs

A garden-themed nursery brings the outdoors in with soft green tones and floral motifs. Plus the imagery of blossoming flowers provides visual stimulation and serenity.

22. Lullaby Lavender

a nursery room with lavender palette and neutral accents

A calming lavender palette serenades the room, evoking peaceful slumber and dreamy tranquility, while neutral accents ensure versatility and timeless appeal.

23. Enchanting Canopy

a nursery room with a whimsical bed canopy floating above the crib

A whimsical bed canopy floats above the crib, creating a magical ambiance. To complement the softness, light natural materials cast a dreamlike spell on the nursery space.

24. White Wonderland

a nursery room featuring white furniture against a softly colored backdrop

Pristine white furniture stands out against pale pink accents. The result is a pure and airy nursery that feels like a peaceful wonderland.

25. Honeyed Warmth

a honey-hued nursery enriched with wooden accents

If you want a natural and beautiful baby girl room ideas, you’ll love this! A honey-hued nursery enriched with light wooden accents exudes warmth and natural beauty.

26. Nautical Nook

a nursery room with nautical stripes and seafaring accents

Nautical stripes and seafaring accents transform this corner into a captain’s quarters. The maritime theme sails with imagination for mermaids and sea-inspired stories.

27. Bejeweled Brilliance

a blue and pink nursery with pops of gold with velvet textiles and fluffy poufs

Navy blue, soft pink, and gold bring a regal sophistication to this nursery, balancing rich colors with understated elegance. The pops of gold add a hint of opulence and pair well with velvet textiles and fluffy poufs.

28. Whimsical Woodlands

a woodland mural featured in this enchanted forest nursery

Along with brown knitted poofs, a wool carpet, and wooden flooring, a woodland mural is featured in this forest-themed nursery, creating a nature-inspired retreat for any little girl to grow and explore.

29. Safari Sojourn

a safari-themed nursery with a safari mural and earthy tones, and a plush giraffe stand guard beside the crib

A safari-themed nursery with a safari mural and earthy tones invites little adventurers. Plush giraffes stand guard for peaceful naps and playful days.

30. Minty Fresh

a nursery room feauring a mint green walls partnering well with both bold and neutral accessories

Fresh mint green walls provide a cool and contemporary vibe. The color is subtle yet impactful, partnering well with neutral accents.

31. Retro Reverie

a nursery with retro patterns and vintage posters

Retro florals and vintage posters set the scene for a groovy little girl’s room. Contemporary touches ensure that while the retro aesthetic is prevalent, the nursery is rooted in the present.

32. Celestial Skies

a nursery room featuring a ceiling adorned with stars and clouds ushers in the night sky and matches the fun mobile with moons and stars

A soft blue ceiling and accent wall adorned with gold stars usher in bedtime stories and match the plus carpet. It’s a celestial haven that beckons wondrous dreams.

33. Blush and Gold Glamour

a blush-pink colored nursery combined with gold accents

Blush-pink combined with gold accents in a sea of white gives this room chic nursery glamour. Soft bedding contrasts with a hint of metallic shine on the crib’s frame for a touch of luxury.

34. Dreamy Postmodern

an art deco-inspired nursery with bold shapes and glossy finishes

A postmodern-inspired nursery dazzles with round structures, round furniture, and glossy finishes in coral and white. This dreamy space is a fusion of cuteness and futuristic sensibilities.

35. Winter Wonderland

a nursery room with  wintry hues and fluffy textures, and a christmas 
 tree beside the crib

Wintry hues and fluffy textures create a snug retreat. It’s a crisp, serene space that feels like a warm hug on cold days.

36. Candy Striped Charm

a nursery room featuring candy-striped walls paired with soft furnishings

Pink candy-striped walls lend a fun, playful element to the space. Paired with soft pink furnishings and decor, it’s a joyful nursery that’s sure to evoke smiles.

37. Avian Amazement

a nursery room featuring bird motifs flutter across the room, and a delicate birdcage ceiling lamp

Bird motifs flutter across this pale blue room, capturing the essence of flight and freedom. A delicate birdcage ceiling lamp casts a soft, inviting glow.

38. Chocolate and Vanilla Delight

rich chocolate-colored furniture anchors a nursery, complemented by vanilla-hued accents

Rich chocolate-colored furniture anchors this nursery, complemented by vanilla-hued accents. It’s a deliciously comforting color scheme.

39. Lollipop Shades

a nursery room featuring an assortment of lollipop shades

An assortment of lollipop shades creates a palette that’s both refreshing and sweet. These pastel colors offer a fun and lively atmosphere and pair well with round furniture and decor.

40. Urban Chic

a nursery room featuring sleek, urban-inspired furniture pieces

Sleek, urban-inspired furniture pieces make a statement in this room, proving that a nursery doesn’t necessarily need to be cute but can radiate coolness and contemporary flair depending on your style.

41. Regal Rose

a baby girl nursery featuring a stunning combination of roses and crowns, and a sheer canopy and a mobile with crowns top the crib

This beautiful baby girl nursery features a stunning combination of roses and crowns. Rose-printed accents are paired with lush fabrics, giving the room a sense of regal comfort despite the white color palette. A sheer canopy and a mobile with crowns top the crib for added sophistication.

42. Copper Contrasts

a nursery room featuring copper fixtures against darker tones, providing a warm metallic contrast

Copper fixtures and furniture shimmer against darker tones, providing a warm metallic contrast. The result is a nursery with a unique, inviting luster.

43. Pinstripe Poise

a nursery room featuring pinstripe details adding a preppy touch

Pink pinstripe details add a preppy touch, embodying neatness with a hint of playfulness. This nursery is a reflection of balanced style and fun.

44. Lime Zest

a nursery room featuring vivid lime accents against a predominantly white space

Vivid lime accents energize and invigorate a predominantly white space — a burst of color for those seeking something bold yet nurturing.

45. Glacial Grace

a nursery room featuring ice-blue tones with touches of frosty elegance

Ice-blue tones amid white convey serenity and grace within this tranquil nursery, making this a cool, soothing haven.

46. Boho Botanicals

a nursery room featuring botanical prints and bohemian accessories

Botanical prints and Bohemian accessories meld for an earthy vibe. Natural elements emphasize the tropical Boho-chic atmosphere for a soothing sanctuary.

47. Lavender Layers

a nursery room featuring lilac walls with accents of deeper purples

Layers of lavender create an immersive color experience that’s soft and inviting. Accents of deeper purples add richness to the delicate nursery space and turn into a beautiful, calming wonderland.

48. Cheerful Citrus

a nursery room featuring a spritely citrus colors

Spritely citrus colors and patterns inspire happiness and brightness in this baby girl nursery. It’s a zesty and playful environment that stimulates both imagination and cheer.

49. Ocean Breeze Blues

a nursery room featuring shades of blue and an aquatic artwork

Shades of blue mirror the ocean’s calming influence, creating a nursery with breezy vibes. Aquatic artwork reinforces the room’s coastal atmosphere.

50. Taupe and Silk

a neutral colored nursery room featuring luxurious silk textiles

Luxurious silk textiles juxtapose taupe-colored furnishings. Elegance and comfort unite, crafting a baby girl nursery idea that’s both stylish and soothing.

A Beautiful Baby Girl Nursery  

Designing a nursery for your baby girl is a wonderful opportunity to express your creativity and create a space that is both beautiful and functional for you and your little one.

As you bring your vision to life, remember that the nursery is a place of joy, laughter, and precious moments shared with your baby. Embrace the process, enjoy the journey, and revel in the anticipation of creating a special haven for your girl to call her own. 

Explore the diverse range of baby girl nursery ideas and themes we’ve shared and see which speaks to you and which elements and designs you like the most!

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