Bathroom Makeover #3 – the Biggest One Yet!

Ciao from (probably) the other side of the world! We are in Italy right now and I’ve been trying to get this post up for about 5 days, but WiFi has been so intermittent and shoddy that I’ve had a little trouble. But alas, here it is! PS – it is BEAUTIFUL here!!!

Us in Venice

Alright, guys. As you might know, we’ve been on a roll with our bathroom renovations this year! They all needed a serious facelift and we’ve finally finished our THIRD and FINAL bathroom! We started over New Year’s weekend with our master bathroom, in February we finished our guest bathroom, and just this month we finished our upstairs bathroom makeover which is what I’m revealing today!

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Our upstairs bathroom was NAST. Seriously, gross. I think at one point, the past owners had some leaking or water damage, so they decided to caulk the bathroom themselves. They caulked horribly. Look:

Bathroom Makeover - Caulk Redo

Like the rest of our house, the bathroom was entirely tan. It also had some nasty white linoleum on the floor. As I ripped it up, we also found out that there was water damage on the subfloor. We thought we’d finish this renovation in a couple weeks, but it ended up taking about 2 months and an extra $200 to fix the floor!

So, without further adieu… come on in!!

Bathroom Makeover - Entrance

Bathroom Makeover: Before & Afters


Bathroom Makeover Before


Bathroom Makeover After

As you might have noticed, we used the same paint as our guest bathroom, Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, color matched with Behr Marquee (love me some Behr).


Bathroom Makeover After

After, guys!! After!!!

Bathroom Vanity After

As you can tell, we have a LOT going on here!! Here was our to-do list…

Bathroom Makeover Checklist

  1. Rip up the old floor, put down new subfloor, and lay down VINYL! Yes, vinyl. It was so easy to put down, I’d do it a thousand times over.
    • Take out and re-install toilet, a task in itself.
  2. Paint the walls in Sea Salt by SW.
  3. Paint, install, and caulk new trim.
  4. Paint the vanity (Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams, color matched with Behr Marquee) and install new hardware.
  5. Install a new bathroom sink with new faucet.
  6. Put up and grout a new backsplash.
  7. Make mirror frame and glue onto the existing mirror, as per my DIY Mirror Frame post!
  8. Replace light fixture above the mirror.
  9. Re-decorate!

That Big Shelf Thing

You may have noticed that big shelf thing above the toilet. I got it from Hobby Lobby and I’m really excited how it 1) fills the space, 2) is decorative, yet 3) functional! Once we have some little babes we’ll be able to use the baskets for bath toys and other stuff. I found a similar, equally cute one on Amazon here.

Bathroom Makeover Decor


After putting up the dark metal shelf, I thought it would work great if we had complimentary hardware on our sink. We found this Kohler sink on OfferUp for about 80% of the original price, though you can order almost the same one on Amazon here.

Bathroom Makeover Decor

Other Décor

Aaannnddd a couple close-ups of the other decor!

Bathroom Makeover Decor

There it is, guys! I hope you enjoyed all the pics and the makeover! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

I’ll be slightly off-the-grid for the next week and a half, though you can catch up with me via Instagram! We have a BIG project planned for when we get back and I’m stoked to share it with you! One word: Shiplap. 😀


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  3. I was wondering where you got the shelf that has the towel and the sign that says enjoy the little things? Thank you!

    1. Hobby lobby! It was several years ago so I can’t confirm whether they still carry it, but they sometimes keep items around for a long time so it’s worth a check.

  4. The color in our bathroom is the same color as the yellow! And what is funny is I’ve picked out a Sherrington Williams paint color very close to your new paint color. I can now see how our bathroom will look after I paint it. Thanks. And wasn’t going to paint the cabinets but now thing about it. Thanks for posting.

      1. Karen Forsythe

        Where can I find your tutorial on how to paint cabinets

  5. Hi! I love the make over that you did. I was wondering where you got the shelf that has the towel and the sign that says enjoy the little things? Thank you!

  6. I am having a hard time finding that “big shelf thing” on Hobby Lobby’s website. I understand that this post was from 2017 but could you possibly tell me the exact wording of that shelf so I can search for it ? I like the one you posted from Amazon but I really like the one you have pictured above. Thanks for your help!

      1. Out of stock! Darn! But thank you, I can use that wording to look elsewhere! If you happen to find it elsewhere please let me know!!! Beautiful job!

  7. Where did you get the white/wire basket that the tp is in? I want one so bad and can’t find one anywhere.

    1. Hi there! It was a seasonal item at Michael’s. Hopefully they’ll bring it back this spring!

  8. I have the shelf. Totally LOVE it for the space above the toilet. I am dealing with a small bathroom as well. Where did you find the BATH letters ? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Angela! I found the letters at Michael’s in their Spring 2017 collection, so they probably don’t still have them. You could always buy the letters as raw wood and paint them yourself! ????

    2. Amy Phillips

      Hi Haley! I’m new here and I hope this comment actually shows up, I’m replying in case anyone else is looking for the bath letters. Walmart! I have mine in a drawer and havn’t been able to figure out what to do with them .Now I know! Thanks!

      1. Hi Amy! Thank you so much!! I think I’ve seen ones like these at Walmart, too. Not sure if they have the hangers on them, but it would be easy enough to buy those yourself and put them on. Thanks again!

  9. Hi Hayley,

    Can you provide information on the backsplash. I’m in the midst of a bathroom redo and just discovered my walls are out of alignment. As a result, I finding I need to install a backsplash, which I hadn’t originally planned to do. I like the color of the tiles you used in yours and am hoping it will coordinate with what I’m doing in my bathroom.

    1. Hi Mavis! Of course. We got this backsplash at either Home Depot or Lowe’s. We actually ran into the same issue of our walls being crooked, but didn’t realize that until midway through the renovation. Our sink actually goes into the wall a little bit just so it’s straight on the front and there’s no gap in the back. In the back corner of the sink we positioned the backsplash so that there would be no gap or obvious sign of anything going into the wall. I hope that makes sense! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at and I can send you some pictures. Good luck!

      1. Is it sheets of tile or is it solid piece (backsplash and side splash)? Do you know name?

  10. Hi Hayley, how did you hang your shelf? I got the same one but am having a hard time figuring how to anchor it without studs. Looks great!

    1. Hi Laura! I held up the shelf where I wanted it to go, straightened it with a level, then used a pencil to mark where the screws would go (right beneath the shelf). If there are no studs where you want to hang it, then you’ll probably need to drill a pilot hole, hammer in an anchor, then use drywall screws. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  11. Loving the new sink. We want to just paint our vanity and replace the sink/counter. Do you have info on what brand or style this is? Trying g to do some research and I’m clueless!

    1. Hi Katie! That’s really the way to go ????. We found our sink at Home Depot! We’ve also had good luck looking on local buy/sell apps (like OfferUp) and Facebook. I’d recommend starting with the exact size you need, then choose a finish/color you want. For the sizing, make sure you account for any drawers that could get in the way underneath. Sometimes going to Home Depot or Lowe’s and just looking around is really helpful. Hope this helps! ????

  12. linda hewitt

    where did you get the decoration with the towels and BATH sign?

    1. The BATH letters are from Hobby Lobby, the towels are from Target, the shelf is from Hobby Lobby!

  13. Hi! Did you remove a couple hooks from the basket shelf unit? I’ve been eyeing that piece at Hobby lobby for our powder room, and like the baskets for storage, but we don’t need the all of the hooks. I was just curious if you cut a couple off! Thanks!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! I didn’t actually remove any hooks. I was only planning on using one for a hand towel, but then I got those BATH letters and was like, “Hey, what if I hung them from the hooks??” You could always just keep them pushed over to one side, or definitely remove a couple since the only other thing you might use them for is decor!

    2. Did the letters come as a set? I can’t seem to find them

      1. No, they didn’t come as a set. I’m not sure if they’re still available at Michael’s as I think they were part of their Spring 2017 collection. They may have something similar there now though, or else at JoAnn Fabric or Hobby Lobby. I’ve also seen something similar on Amazon.

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  15. Hey 🙂 love the remodel! What flooring did you use ? I have never seen vinyl like that!

  16. Gen Hoffer

    Where did you find the decorative white mirror? I love it

  17. Great work! About the sink, it appears that the vanity cabinet is smaller than the sink. Is that the case? How did you figure what size sink would fit your cabinet? Thanks

    1. Hi Alison! The sink top actually has a lip around the edge so we were able to easily set it right on top of the existing vanity. It seemed the size of our vanity was “standard” as there were many options to choose from that matched our dimensions. The trickiest thing was making sure the bowl of the sink wouldn’t hit the drawers that were on the left side. We had to take extra measurements to make sure the clearance was OK! Hope that answers your question! ????

  18. Hi Hayley! Cute bathroom~ where did you get that mirror?

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    1. Hi Taylor! Thanks for stopping by. The only basket/towel rack in this bathroom is the one I talked about under “That Big Shelf Thing.” I have another smaller basket towel rack in my other bathroom, which I talked about in the post about that bathroom. I found them both at Hobby Lobby. Hope this helps!

  20. Curious where you got the top for your vanity? It fits so perfectly and I’m thinking about doing something similar in my half bath

  21. Laura Jones

    Where did you find the wooden box for your toilet paper? I love the rustic look

    1. Hi Laura! I’m pretty sure I found that at Michael’s, but it might have been at JoAnn Fabric. It was in the spring collection! Hope this helps! It’s a cute box! ????

  22. Where did you get the shelf that has the big wire basket with towel bar? It’s the second picture, not the one with the individual wire baskets

    1. Hi Pam! That’s actually the same piece that’s shown in the other pictures, just taken at a different angle. You can get all the details in the section “That Big Shelf Thing.” Hope this helps!

        1. Agreed! That’s why I used the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon they always have running. Then it was much more worth it! ????

    1. Hi Lindsay, thanks for stopping by! That’s the same one as what I talked about under “That Big Shelf Thing” about halfway through the post! I found that at Hobby Lobby, but posted a link to a similar one from Amazon. Hope this helps!

  23. Stephanie

    It looks great!!! Where did you get the hot bath sign?

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