Knobs, Pulls, & Finishes: Choosing the Right Hardware

Have you ever thought about the impact that hardware can have on a room? By hardware, I mean knobs, pulls, handles, faucets, and other things that are usually metal. They’re often overlooked but can have a massive impact on how your room pulls together (pun intended). Heck, they can be statement pieces if you let them!

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Our Bathroom Hardware Inspiration

When it comes to choosing hardware, we tend to pick brushed nickel because it has a simple, clean feel (and it just goes with everything), like in our guest bathroom:

Guest Bathroom Makeover - Faucet

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But I first discovered the true impact of hardware in our upstairs bathroom makeover. We were planning to install another brushed nickel faucet, but I was inspired to try something different after hanging a big shelf with dark metal. I LOVED the contrast it created with the light colors in the room and it helped tie in the big shelf, too!

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Right??? Isn’t it fun?? Doesn’t it add a little extra somethin’-somethin’ to the room? I was pretty excited that my inspiration paid off!

Let me show you just how much of an impact your hardware can make…

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware from Home Brunch

I’m semi-obsessed with this kitchen. Not only did they use the dark-colored knobs and pulls, but they tied it together with a matching kitchen faucet, windowpanes, and light fixtures!

Takeaway: Look for other opportunities to tie in matching hardware to carry the finish throughout the room.

Gold Kitchen Hardware from Elizabeth Lawson Design

Would you be so bold as to choose GOLD hardware in your kitchen?! I know it wouldn’t be my first pick… but lookey here! The gold hardware brings a sleek, modern look to this kitchen and pops against the dark cabinetry.

Takeaway: Venture outside of your comfort zone and consider other finishes, rather than taking the easy route.

Long Brushed Nickel Pulls from Remodelista

Knobs or pulls? Pulls or knobs?? I always tend to choose knobs, but pulls have their place, too. Especially in this kitchen! Have you ever heard of leading lines? They’re lines that draw your eye to a specific spot, and these pulls do that SO well! Your eye travels along the length of the kitchen!

Takeaway: Long drawers? Think about adding long pulls to create leading lines.

Paint Your Existing Hardware from Polished Habitat

I had no idea this was possible but I am 100% on board! It’s so simple – just take your existing hardware and spray paint it with a universal all-surface spray paint! I already have this spray paint in my Amazon cart so I can try it out on some of my hardware upstairs… and it’s only $6.48! Yesssss!

Takeaway: If you already have some hardware, try painting it for a more affordable solution! OR, find less expensive hardware you like and refinish it to the color you want.

At the end of the day, hardware can add a LOT to a room! It’s been fun thinking about how I can tie in finishes across a room.  That being said, it’s not always feasible to buy all new hardware for a room, so mixing and matching can be fun, too. Start with one piece and add more pieces when you can!

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  1. Great post! I changed up hardware on some hand me down bedroom furniture years ago and that gave it an updated look!! Another point is feel free to go with something fun and funky in your laundry room or guest bath. It can make a really fun statement!!

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