Christmas Decor for the Home + 5 Christmas Decorating Tips

???? It’s the holiday seassoonnnn, and boop-dee-doop, and dickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock! ‘Cuz just exactly at 12:00 he’ll be comin’ down the chimney nooowwwww! ????

Is that how it goes? ???? I swear, that song is on repeat in my head from November 1 – December 31. It drives me a little batty. ALAS! At least it’s CHRISTMAS TIME! Can you belieeeeve? ???? I have been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks already and my ears are looking a little pointy. ???? I’m really excited to share my Christmas decor with you today because I feel like my decorating skills have come a long way since I first decorated my apartment in 2014. Every year I learn something new, so I want to share a few Christmas decorating tips while I take you on a mini tour of my holiday decor. Let’s go! Onward! MUSH!

Christmas Decor for the Home

Christmas Decor Around the TV

Last year we got this entertainment center on Facebook Marketplace for a helluva good deal and it’s been fun re-decorating it each season.

christmas decorating tips - decorating the entertainment center with tv

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CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIP #1: If your decor feels “empty,” try adding a backdrop like some extra garland or a small blanket underneath. Also, try bringing your decor closer to the edge of the shelf so it’s not so far back.

christmas decorating ideas - christmas stockings

Disclaimer: Please ignore the painter’s tape on the stockings. ????

Shop these stockings from Target.
Sled: Target Dollar Spot
Wood Signs: Hobby Lobby

christmas decorating tips - entertainment center

Signs: Target Dollar Spot
Snowmen: From my mama 🙂

Underneath our other TV, I decided on a cookie theme. My family owned a cookie shop for years when I was growing up, so cookies are near-and-dear to my heart! I found the plaid blanket at Hobby Lobby and I love the colorful stage it sets for the decor. It’s much more festive than just placing all the decor directly on the black shelf.

christmas decorating tips - downstairs cookie themed mantle

CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIP #2: Try to use varying heights in your decor. This gives our eyes something to follow that’s interesting (not just a straight line!). I like using tall decor like mini trees at the end of my tablescapes.

Christmas Decor for the Kitchen Island

christmas decorating tips - kitchen island butcher block

My mama made me this white box last month and I love having it on my new butcher block! It’s the perfect home for one of my Jim Shore Santas. These little guys have tons of sentimental value, which I talked alll about in my Christmas 2016 post. Let me show you where else they’re living this year!

Christmas Decor in the Dining Room

I kept my table pretty simple this year. I used my favorite white table runner from Home Goods for the base and added height with this super cute flocked Christmas tree from Target ($5, hollaaa!).

christmas decorating tips - kitchen table

CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIP #3: One of my favorite year-round pieces of decor is a simple, wide glass vase. I found it for just a few dollars at Hobby Lobby and it always looks beautiful on my kitchen table! In the spring I filled it with lemons, in the fall I filled it with pumpkins and leaves, and now I filled it with Christmas greenery.
CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIP #4: If you have an old wreath or centerpiece you’ve “outgrown,” try cutting it up and reusing it in a different way. The greenery in this glass vase as actually a wreath-like centerpiece that never fit anything quite right. I used wire cutters to chop it up and now it’s a beaut!

christmas decorating tips - buffet table

Since I had a few different pieces of reindeer decor, I decided to group them on my buffet table. I used another Christmas blanket to add a pop of color here, too.

christmas decorating tips - buffet table with christmas light sign

CHRISTMAS DECORATING TIP #5: Clear off every space completely before you start decorating. When you start with a clean slate, it allows you to be more creative and try decor in new spots! For example, I only ever put this butcher block on the kitchen table on the white runner, but by simply taking it away from its usual home, I had the idea to try it here. And I love it!

christmas decorating tips - vintage christmas tins

My mom gave me these vintage Christmas tins a couple years ago and I hadn’t found the perfect spot for them until now. The round one on the bottom is actually a fruitcake tin from my great grandma’s favorite fruitcake company. Isn’t that so sweet?!

christmas decorating tips - vintage christmas tins

I love how they look like vintage presents next to the mini tree! It’s giving me all the nostalgic Christmas vibes. ????

Wrappin’ it up

Haha, get it? Wrappin? ???? Anyway, I’m excited to bring you a few more Christmas posts this year with more Christmas decorating tips! We’re getting a real Christmas tree for our downstairs living room and I’m planning to make wood round ornaments from the dead tree in our front yard – LOL! I keep nudging my husband to cut it down, so I’ll hopefully get to make those this weekend and share the post next week! Keep your fingers crossed!

I hope these tips helped with your holiday decorating endeavors! What’s your favorite piece of Christmas decor? Share with me in the comments! 🙂

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christmas decorating tips for beginners

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