Decorating Ideas for a Minimalist Styled Home

How to decorate your home as a minimalist.

Decluttering is a doozy. Can you relate? A year ago I started decluttering my home, then took a hiatus until last month. I’ve been taking 1-2 loads of stuff to our local refuge center each week and I still don’t have a clear end in sight!

However, as I’m getting rid of the excess stuff in my home, I’m beginning to see a new decor style emerge! While I used to obsess over classic farmhouse style decor with lots of stuff, I’m now gravitating towards a modern, simple farmhouse-inspired look. Natural woods, neutral colors, and plants! If you’re gravitating towards the same look, take a look at these Amazon finds to design your own minimalist style home!

minimalist kitchen with white cabinets

Decorating Basics as a Minimalist

Before I launch into showing you a bunch of cute items to help you create a light, airy, minimalist-looking home, please understand this: Your home decor tastes don’t have to change just because you’re minimizing. Minimalism is about only keeping the things you LOVE, and getting rid of the rest.

If you LOVE shabby chic decor, then keep decorating shabby chic, girlfriend! Just make sure that you LOVE every piece of shabby chic furniture and decor you have in your home. And try not to stuff every surface with stuff. Clutter begets clutter. Ya dig?

But if you find yourself gravitating towards minimalist-styled decor with neutral colors and greenery, then read on!

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Woven Minimalist Storage Baskets on Amazon

While I’m minimizing my belongings, I still need some storage baskets! If you’re in the market for some new/different organization containers, definitely check at HomeGoods. I’ve found some great deals there! If you prefer online, take a look at these Amazon options!

White and Brown Natural Jute Basket

I have a tall woven basket just like this for Griffin’s toys that I keep downstairs. It’s the perfect size for his toys or for laundry!

natural two toned woven basket from amazon

Small Natural Textured Woven Basket with Handles

I’m loving the size of this natural woven basket! At 14″ x 12″, it’s the perfect size for a child’s laundry basket, books, or toilet paper in a bathroom.

small cheap woven basket from amazon

All Natural Wicker Basket With Handles

This natural wicker basket gives extra support because it has a wire frame within the wicker! With the extra stability and durability, this basket is perfect for blankets or a potted plant.

Minimalist Plant Home Decor

Fake Hanging Ivy

I’m terrible at keeping plants alive (though I’m trying to do better!). So, I opt for lots of fake plants around my home! Here is a beautiful 3 foot hanging ivy from Amazon for just $12!

fake hanging ivy from amazon

Large Fake Palm for Open Spaces

This is the best large minimalist fake plant I found on Amazon. It’s about 5 feet tall, which would make it a great focal piece! I also like it because it doesn’t have tons of small leaves, which could look too busy and ultimately cluttered. It’s also easy to dust since it has large flat leaves.

large fake plant for minimalist decor

Set of 5 White Plant Pots

If you’re just getting started with plants, then this is steal for a set of 5 white pots! They’re minimal, have drainage, and are made of a sturdy, ceramic-looking plastic.

inexpensive white pot for plant

Natural Wood Minimalist Plant Stand

Adding more space around a plant is a great way to help your decor feel light and airy! This natural wood plant stand is perfect to elevate your plants and give them more height.

natural wood plant stand decor

Natural Cement Planters

To add more texture to your decor, try these natural cement planters! They’re perfect for succulents or small plants and include a drainage hold and saucer for excess water.

minmalist concrete planters for succulents

Natural Minimalist Home Decor

Natural Wood Hanging Swing Rope Shelves

I’m mildly obsessed with these set of 2 floating shelves. The rope adds texture and makes the shelf more interesting than a standard floating shelf! These are beautiful shelves for a plant or a sentimental item you love.

floating rope shelves for minimalist decor

Large Circle Mirror

Mirrors are key to helping a room feel more bright and airy. Find a mirror to hang on a wall opposite a window and it will act as another window! I’m in love with circular mirrors like this one. It’s actually from Target because it’s about 70% cheaper than Amazon!

large minimalist circle mirror from target

Side Table with Long Legs

One of the keys to making sure your decor feels light is keeping stuff off the floor. Try finding furniture and side tables with legs to lift furniture up off the floor! These side tables are light and bright and a set of 2 is only about $40!

white and wood side tables from amazon

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light and airy minimalist decor

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