Best of Our Before & After Home Renovation Photos!

Before and after pictures of our full house renovation.

Well, friends, our home renovations are just about DONE! After 3 years, we’ve renovated almost every room in our house. So, I thought it would be fun to take a little tour through our home to see all the rooms we’ve renovated over the past 3 years. Let’s start with the kitchen because it’s my favorite renovation!

Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

When we first moved into our house, we painted the walls and called it good. We knew we wanted to do a more robust renovation down the road, when we had the money and the time!

Kitchen Makeover Planning, Before
Our kitchen at move-in

So, finally last summer, we did it all! Our farmhouse kitchen makeover included painted cabinets, an extended island with butcher block counter tops, subway tile backsplash, and granite on the outer cabinets. See the full kitchen renovation here.

Bedroom Renovations

Master Bedroom Makeover

One of the first projects on our to-do list was to make over our master bedroom. Mostly because the carpet in there was NASTY (a cat destroyed it) and we’d be sleeping in there every night!

So, we bought some hardwood flooring from OfferUp, painted the walls, and got some new decor! Honestly, I don’t love our bedroom right now and want to re-do it again with new paint, furniture, and an accent wall, but all in good time! LOL! See the full master bedroom makeover here.

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Our upstairs guest bedroom became a catch-all room for home improvement tools and supplies. So, once we were ready to turn the other guest room into my office, we decided it was time to clean out and renovate this room!

This makeover included taking down the hot air balloon wallpaper along the top of the wall, painting the room, and putting in new baseboard and crown molding. It only took us 2 weekends to finish this project from start to finish, which was record time for us! LOL. See the full guest bedroom makeover here.

Nursery Makeover

Once I found out I was pregnant in the spring of 2017, I was SO excited to get to work on creating a beautiful nursery! We chose the smallest bedroom at the end of the hallway, which turned out perfectly (even though the room used to be disgusting).

With some new carpet, paint, baseboard, crown molding, and LOTS of new decor, a beautiful adventure themed nursery was born! See the full nursery makeover here.

Bathroom Renovations

Guest Half Bathroom Renovation

One of the best before-and-after renovations we completed was our downstairs guest bathroom. I know this because it blew up on Pinterest with over 500,000+ repins! It was super boring and super builder-grade before…

Guest Bathroom Before

But with some new paint, a new vanity, new baseboard and new decor, it became ultra Pinterest-worthy! See the full guest bathroom renovation here.

Guest Bathroom Makeover - After, Vanity Shot
Guest Bathroom Makeover: Check!

Upstairs Guest Bathroom Makeover

This guest bathroom threw us for a loop. I thought we’d finish it in a weekend, but we pulled up the linoleum floor and there was water damage on the subfloor! SO, this renovation took us closer to a month.

Bathroom Makeover Before

So we put new subfloor down and a sealant over top, then painted the walls, painted the vanity, installed a new counter top sink, and added a bit of decor! WAH LAH! Beautiful farmhouse style bathroom! See the full renovation here.

Bathroom Makeover After

Master Bathroom Makeover

Our master bathroom renovation was another big one and our DIY framed builder-grade mirror was a HUGE hit with my readers! This builder-grade bathroom used to be super boring.

But a little paint goes a long way! We painted the walls and the bathroom vanity, then framed the mirror and added a wood accent wall! All the wood has held up very well a few years later. See the full master bathroom renovation here.

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

A Compilation of All Our Home Renovations

What’s Next for Hello Hayley?

Along with all these home improvement projects comes a lot of… clutter! As a semi-new adult, semi-new mom, and semi-new wife, I have begun the journey of decluttering my entire home using several methods, including KonMari. I’m excited to share more home improvement projects as we have them, but also share my journey to decluttering my home and living in a more simple abode. I’d love to have you along for the ride!


6 thoughts on “Best of Our Before & After Home Renovation Photos!”

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  2. You have great creativity and an amazing eye for detail. I can’t believe the before and after photos in the bathroom transformation from your last set of photos, it’s like they’re from a completely different home. Look forward to seeing more of your creative work!

  3. Anne Ginder

    You’ve done great work, congratulations to the two of you! If you move forward with additional upgrades, I would recommend putting trim on the windows – it would get rid of any vestige of builder-grade-itis! I renovated 5 houses before I retired and bought a brand new house – go figure, now I have the time to renovate but don’t need to !!! Anne

    1. Haha we started doing that in 2017 when we did our kitchen and have done it to tons of windows since!

  4. Wow, stunning transformations! Looking forward to seeing your future home improvement projects. All the best, Carolina at Ironmongery Experts.

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