DIY Wall Calendar with Barn Wood + FREE PRINTABLE!

Hiya, friends! Here’s our DIY wall calendar made with a piece of rustic barn wood! It fits in perfectly with my decluttering + organizing binge, as I’ve been working hard lately to try to get our lives in order by preparing for upcoming events. What better way to do that than with a HUGE wall calendar?! Plus, I had the perfect spot for a little command center. I’m excited to share the full tutorial today along with FREE printables for August – December 2018!

diy wall calendar finished

I found inspiration for this wall calendar from Houseful of Handmade and LOVED the idea to use a piece of wood along the top. I assembled my calendar a bit differently and shared the process on Instagram – you can see it all on a highlight in my profile! Let’s get started!

Materials for the DIY Wall Calendar

  • 28″ Piece of barn wood or any other wood
  • 18×24″ Piece of poster board (I bought 20×30″ and cut it down)
  • Calendar pages (link at the bottom of the post)
  • 2 Large sawtooth hangers
  • 2 Nails (no longer than the thickness of your wood)
  • Scotch or painter’s tape
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Meat cleaver (optional)
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Level

Prepping the Wood

If you don’t have a piece of barn wood, you can find a 1″x2 or 3″ board at Home Depot or Lowe’s. To make it more rustic, I recommend using a meat cleaver and banging it up! Scratches, divets, you name it! After you take out your anger on it, grab a cloth and rub some wood stain on it (American Walnut or Ebony are nice colors).

When I cut my piece of barn wood to size, I used the meat cleaver so the end cut didn’t look so “clean.”

diy wall calendar assembly

Assembling the DIY Wall Calendar

Check that the calendar pages are in order and back it with the piece of poster board. This will give you a nice surface to write on (instead of the textured wall!). Put the piece of wood in place and make a light mark with a pencil along the bottom. Remove the piece of wood and measure the space from the top of the paper to the line you made.

Flip over the piece of wood as well as the calendar pages and poster board. Mark the back of the last calendar page with your measurement from above and line that up with the bottom of the wood. Use a couple pieces of tape to hold these pages to the wood. Now, line up the piece of poster board with the calendar pages so it’s on the very back. Secure in place with a nail on each side.

Now, put a sawtooth hanger on each side as seen below. Make sure they’re the same distance from the top edge so your calendar hangs straight!

diy wall calendar assembly

Hanging up the DIY Wall Calendar

Have I expressed how much I LOVE sawtooth hangers?? They give you a lot of flexibility when hanging stuff with nails. First, hold up your calendar on the wall where you want it to go. Use a level and draw a line at the top of the board with a pencil, marking where the sawtooth hangers are. Take down the calendar and put a nail or screw in the wall just a hair below your sawtooth hanger line. Finally, hang it up!!

diy wall calendar finished


I’m sharing August-December 2018 fo’ free! Just click the button below to download.


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