Welcome to my blog! I’m a wife, mama, home enthusiast, Iowa-native, and retired barista. I’m basically that mama friend you always bounce home ideas off of.

Fun Facts: I drink copious amounts of coffee and can’t keep plants alive. 

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Rediscovering Myself as a Highly Sensitive Person

It’s crazy how your entire life can shift in the most normal, ordinary moment, isn’t it? On Saturday, May 22nd, 2021, my husband, the kids and I were at a park up in Scottsdale. It was a fun little park that had train rides, a carousel, playgrounds, model trains, and more. While looking at the model trains, I went to use the bathroom. I got out my phone and a notification popped up from Apple News with an article called, “The Secret Superpowers of Highly Sensitive People.” I’d never heard

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