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One of my more popular posts on Rise and Renovate is our DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame, which was part of our master bathroom makeover. It was a super simple, super cheap project that instantly upgraded our builder-grade mirror. Well, last month I was contacted by to try out one of their custom mirror frames! makes pre-cut and custom mirror frames for builder-grade mirrors. They also promise an easy DIY installation!

While I’m partial to my own framing method, I thought it would be fun to try their product and compare the two.

* sent me a custom mirror frame in exchange for this review. While I was given a free frame, all opinions in this post are 100% honest and 100% my own!*

Since all of my builder-grade mirrors are already framed, I asked my parents if they’d like one of their mirrors framed and they jumped at the opportunity! They were NOT disappointed… before and after

Picking Out the Mirror Frame from

I had my mom browse through to pick out a frame. We chose Caffé Macchiato because it looked like it would match her bathroom cabinets really well. The slider section on the product page was really useful to get a true look at the texture and color of the frame: website

I sent the exact dimensions and clearance of the mirror to my contact at and we worked together to make sure the frame would fit in the space. I placed the order and the frame came in just 2 business days.

Assembling the Mirror Frame

It only took us about 20 minutes to unbox the frame, read the instructions and assemble it! The frame came with everything we needed for installation, besides a hammer, screwdriver, and wet cloth. We laid out the frame face-down and used the glue provided to glue each joint. We actually ran out of glue and used some of our own wood glue, but MirrorChic said that’s not usually an issue.

After gluing, we hammered a dovetail locking pin in each joint which helped align each corner and keep the frame sturdy. assembly

Once each joint was assembled, we wiped the excess glue off the front and back and let it dry for an hour.

Installing the Mirror Frame sent new mirror clips to replace the standard bulky plastic ones. This helped the mirror frame lay flush against the mirror. mirror clip

Installation took a little longer than expected because we had to remove our vanity globes and bulbs to get the frame on the mirror. Without that hiccup, it would have only taken about 5 minutes to install the frame. uses a super sticky tape to stick the frame to the mirror. I will admit, the sticky strips were a lot more convenient than using Liquid Nails in our DIY method. We held the frame up to make sure it would fit, carefully peeled off all the tape backing, and just stuck it centered on the mirror! installation

It was just that easy. My dad keeps saying, “Wow! I feel like I’m getting ready in a fancy hotel!” LOL. after

Our Impression of was really easy to work with and had a good selection of frames to pick from on their website. Their shipping was quick, and assembly and installation were incredibly easy. The mirror frame seemed good quality and it was pretty lightweight, making installation even easier. Depending on the size of your mirror, it’s helpful to have two pairs of hands for installation. frame up close

Pre-cut mirror frames from range from $142-$166, which is quite a bit more than our DIY solution. That being said, the frame is great quality and installation was straightforward and simple. If you’re looking for a mirror frame solution, you don’t feel like DIY-ing it, and you have some extra money to spend, I’d definitely recommend pinterest pin

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  1. Towanda Toms

    Hello Hayley. I would love a black frame for my master bath.

  2. Thanks for including us Hayley!! It was definitely a WIN for us!! Love it and it looks great!!! Yay!!

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