Our Woodsy, Adventure-Themed Baby Shower!

The countdown is getting REAL, friends! In just 6 short weeks, Baby Rissler will be earth-side. I can hardly wait! Last weekend my wonderful family threw me a woodsy, adventure-themed baby shower – it matched my nursery! I wanted to share a few pictures from the event because it was SO cute and they really pulled it off!

Adventure Themed Baby Shower Decor & Food

My mom stenciled “Life’s an Adventure” on the burlap banner. I might see if I can re-use it in my nursery!

adventure-themed baby shower decor

adventure-themed baby shower decor

The baby shower was at 2pm, so we just served a few snacks and hors d’oeuvres – Cranberry Feta Pinwheels, chicken salad sliders, peanuts with candy corn, and fruit. And oh my gosh, please admire this fruit bowl my mom made. LOL!

adventure-themed baby shower food

My mom also made a pumpkin cheeseball shaped it into a hedgehog. It was delicious and adorable and I definitely had seconds. The recipe was just an 8oz tub of pumpkin cream cheese and 1 stick of softened butter. They shaped it, refrigerated it, and decorated with sliced almonds and chocolate chips. It was served with animal crackers. It was a little soft, but SO GOOD!!

adventure-themed baby shower food

On another table we had punch, snacks, and THE CAKE.

adventure-themed baby shower food

THE CAAAKKKKE! My cousin is a pastry genius and made this beauty. The inside was a pumpkin cake that was fluffy and spicy and so decadent! The wood round base really pulled it all together!

Adventure-Themed Baby Shower Cake

Adventure-Themed Baby Shower Activities

When guests arrived at the start of the shower, they put a clothespin on their shirt and were told they couldn’t say the word “baby.” If they did, someone could steal their clothespin! It got pretty intense at the end when all the clothespins were divided between two guests.

adventure-themed baby shower decor

We didn’t go overboard with the games, but we did play THIS awesome game… The candy bar diaper guessing game! There were 5 diapers that each had a melted candy bar inside and a clue written on the front – for example, “Hayley and Andrew are bringing home a little bundle of ____ ____.” The answer was Almond Joy! Everyone passed around the diapers and had the chance to closely inspect it, smell it, etc. Just a little baby prep! 😉

adventure-themed baby shower baby diaper game

After the games we opened presents. My mom is kind of the Queen of Diaper Cakes, so I don’t know why I was so surprised that she made me this beauty! Complete with blankets, finger puppets, pacifiers, toys, and lots of diapers underneath it all!

adventure-themed baby shower diaper cake

My family also made goody bags filled with a puppy chow mix. Except the puppy chow was made with Nutella, which was a GREAT decision.

adventure-themed baby shower goody bags

I am SO glad I got the camera out and took a few pictures with our guests. Sometimes it feels like a hassle to get out the “nice camera,” but it is ALWAYS worth it!

Adventure-Themed Baby Shower Family Pictures

I’m so thankful to all my friends and family who helped pull off our adventure-themed baby shower and came over to celebrate the newest addition to our little family! T – 6 weeks!

PS – If you’re following me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen an update of our nursery! If not, go check it out! 🙂

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