My Simple Methods to Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

After having Griffin, my whole house became so cluttered. I had no energy to clean anything and by 8 months postpartum, my house was a freaking train wreck. After we finished our kitchen renovation in July, I cleaned EVERYTHING and have been trying to maintain a more minimalist kitchen!

I’ve learned over these past months that having a minimalist kitchen isn’t necessarily about your possessions, but how you’re managing your kitchen. Yes, a few purchases have made a big difference, but I also want to talk about a couple key routines that have made all the difference. Let me show you!

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Minimalist Kitchen Tip #1: Clear Off Your Countertops

I’ve discovered that the less stuff I keep on my countertops, the less likely they’ll get cluttered. When I say stuff, I don’t mean like, the mail and dishes. I mean decor, storage containers, bins, appliances, etc.

Take a look at your kitchen and see what items you could put away in your cabinets or the pantry. For example, your toaster, mixer, blender, etc. Those things don’t need to take up your precious counter space.

For one week, try taking all your decor off your kitchen countertops. If it feels empty and you hate it, you can put it back at the end of the week. Just try living in a less cluttered place and see if it helps!

Minimalist Kitchen Tip #2: Re-Evaluate Your Essentials

I’m the worst when it comes to keeping kitchen stuff. I’ll keep dishes and gadgets for years and never use them. I talked more about my keeping-stuff-philosophy in my closet decluttering post, but I keep a similar mindset for kitchen stuff:

If you haven’t used it in over a year and it doesn’t bring you joy, it needs to go.

Now, I know it’s weird for kitchen stuff to “bring you joy,” but if you have any sentimental items (a pie pan from your grandmother), feel free to keep it with one caveat: Try to actually use it or do something with it in the next 6 months.

minimalist kitchen ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Tip #3: Keep Your Dishware Simple

I had 3 sets of dishware in my kitchen: the “nice” stuff, the “eating at home” stuff, and the “eat in the car” stuff. SO. UNNECESSARY.

I decided to get rid of ALL OF IT (yes, ALL!), and switch to a simple white Correll dishware set.

minimalist kitchen ideas - white dishware

I have NEVER looked back. I love having such a simple dishware set! I’m comfortable taking it in the car since it’s chip-resistant, yet I can still dress it up for formal dinners (like in my Thanksgiving tablescape). No regrets here!

Minimalist Kitchen Tip #4: Opt for Simple Appliances

Last Christmas I asked for a Chemex coffee maker. I wanted it because the coffee was supposed to taste better, but holy smokes, it looks SO much better on my countertop than my giant Keurig did!

minimalist kitchen tips - chemex coffee maker

Instead of having a huge, black, plastic Keurig on my counter, I now have this pretty glass + wood pitcher thing. Not to mention, the coffee made with my Chemex is freaking DELICIOUS.

Minimalist Kitchen Tip #5: Create a Simple, Daily Pick-Up Routine

Right before I go to bed, I take 5-10 minutes to clean up the kitchen. I seriously hate waking up in the morning to a messy kitchen, so I wash any leftover dishes, wipe off the countertops, and put things in neat little piles. LOL.

Your kitchen can be as “minimal” as you want it, but if you have stuff everywhere, it will never feel minimal. I promise, if you can get into the habit of picking up your kitchen before bed, your mornings will be a little less hectic.

How Do You Minimize?

Have you implemented any tips to create a more minimalist kitchen? I don’t think minimalism is something we ever complete, but something we’re always striving for. I’d love to hear your tips in the comments! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My Simple Methods to Creating a Minimalist Kitchen”

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  3. Love these minimalist kitchen ideas! The clean lines, neutral palette, and strategic storage solutions create a serene and functional space.

  4. Mary Ann Kliegl

    Great tips Hayley! I love waking up to a clean and clutter free kitchen. It just seems to start the day off right! (I do like my second set of dishes though! ????)

    1. Yes! It’s so nice waking up to a picked-up kitchen. The thing I love about “minimalism” is that it can look different for everyone! While having one set of dishes feels right for me, you might feel completely “minimized” while still having two! As long as your setup isn’t overwhelming you, then mission accomplished. 🙂

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