DIY Fall Tablescape and Decor

The air is crisp… PSL’s are a-plenty… the leaves are getting crunchy… Oh, wait, I live in Arizona where it’s still hot and desert, but that doesn’t keep me from PSL-ing throughout the week! In the spirit of fall, I finally got around to pulling my fall decor out of the garage (but not before inspecting each box with a blacklight to make sure no scorpions were lurking around. Blegh!). I strapped Griffin to my back and got the job done. And boy, I’m glad I did!

fall tablescape on a wood table with a plaid blanket

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A New Mindset for Fall Decorating

When we moved into our house and I started this blog, I felt like I just didn’t have enough decor to decorate all 2300 sq ft. My house felt empty! So, each Fall and Christmas season, I would add seasonal decor to what I already had up (like the first time I decorated for fall here and honestly it looks kind of amateur ????). Over the past few years, though, I’ve cultivated a little arsenal of seasonal decor that can stand alone with just a few pieces of my existing decor.

This year, instead of trying to decorate everywhere, I chose a few spaces to decorate and focused them in my dining area. I took down ALL the decor so I could start from scratch. Best. Decision. Ever. Working off a clean slate made it much easier to decorate. It allowed me to create a more cohesive look, instead of dumping more decor on what was already there. I chose my kitchen table and a couple of side tables nearby.

wood table with a plaid blanket and fall decor

Decorating Tip: Clear off the surface completely before you start decorating.

How to Make a Fall Tablescape

I drew some inspiration from this fall tablescape from Cherished Bliss. I loved the idea of using a small blanket on the table, and I didn’t realize until just now that she also used white place settings and wood rounds, ha! Anyway, here are 4 things I kept in mind that helped me create this beauty:

  1. VARYING HEIGHTS. The wood rounds helped me make elevate the pumpkin and the glass vase. By using different heights across the table, it gives the eye a trail to follow.
  2. FABRIC. It makes your fall tablescape feel warm and cozy. Seriously obsessed with using a blanket scarf. They’re so much cheaper than a throw blanket and just the right size!
  3. GREENERY. Keeps it feeling fresh, even if it’s faux.
  4. WHITE ACCENTS. With the wood table and plaid blanket as a backdrop, the cotton, lantern, pumpkins, and dinnerware brighten up the tablescape.

fall tablescape with plaid blanket, pumpkins, and cotton stems

Last month I decided to get rid of ALL my dishware and switch to simple, white Corelle… and I’m SO glad I did! Despite it having a “cheap” connotation, it stays nice and looks pretty! PLUS, it’s easy to replace if I accidentally break a piece, and I can use it for any holiday.

White Corelle dinnerware set with glittery acorn, wood table, and plaid blanket.

DIY Fall Tablescape with white Corelle Dinnerware, plaid blanket, wood accents, and fall pumpkins.

Small Fall Tablescapes

I also created two other small tablescapes in our dining room. By focusing my fall decor to a single room, it’s easier to create some serious fall vibes. And make it look pretty… and cohesive.. and CRISP. ????

I followed the same 4 rules here: Heights, Fabric, Greenery, White!

Wood table with a plaid fall blanket, cottom stems, and white pumpkins

How cute are these fall stacked signs?! I made them last year and wrote a simple tutorial on making them with 2x4s.

white table with wood signs and pumpkins

That’s it! That’s ALL!

It felt kind of weird only decorating 3 spots, but it TOTALLY worked out! Decorating a few spots with a bunch of fall decor looks way better than decorating 10 spots with just a little fall decor. It feels more simple and minimal!

Are you decorating for fall? If I was able to provide any inspiration, make sure to share a picture on Instagram and tag me – @hellohayleyblog!

Happy Fall! Happy Pumpkin Spice-ing!

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