Black Grout on White Tiles: 15 Ideas for a Timeless Design

Opting for black grout on white tiles immediately establishes a bold contrast in your space, elevating its appearance and giving it a modern aesthetic.

However, choosing this design is not merely about visuals. Other considerations to make include maintenance, durability, and tile compatibility.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry; we have a few design ideas to help you determine if this classic, striking look suits your space.

white subway tiles on the walls with a window and dark grout for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash

Now let’s explore the distinctive appeal and practicality of pairing white tiles with black grout.

Black Grout and White Tile Designs

Various types of white tiles look stunning when paired with black grout. 

Here are some popular styles and patterns to help you choose the perfect tiles for your home:

Classic White Tiles

There’s nothing like classic white tiles with black grout to achieve a neat aesthetic.

Check out the designs below to find out how you can create a straightforward look or mix things up with different techniques:

Basic White Tiles With Black Grout on Walls

shower area with overhead rain shower and white tiles with black grout

Simple square white tiles with black grout offer a clean and uncluttered look. This is especially true with the choice of simple, straight lines and right angles in the tile work. 

The careful alignment of each tile is key to creating the perfect grid illusion, enhancing the overall look with a neat, precise finish. This is perfect for a bathroom makeover!

Thin Black Grout on the Bathroom Floor

sinks with mirrors and shower box with glass door in modern bathroom with white tiled walls and floors

Incorporate subtle contrast by going for small white tiles and black grout on the floor and white tiles with white grout on the walls. 

This clever design trick creates a balanced look that makes even a tight space appear airy.

Petite Grid

white toilet bowl in the bathroom with 
white tiles and black grout on the walls and a washbasin and towels in a modern apartment

White, one-inch mosaic tiles with black grout achieve a seamless modern look. 

Its busy, high-impact look is timeless and versatile. So it can go with any new fixtures or decorations you add to your bathroom in the future. 

Square Tiles on Kitchen Walls

a close-up image of a kitchen with white tiles and black grout with plants on the counter

Square white tiles paired with black grout exude a pristine style.

This crisp, clean contrast delivers an air of sophistication that is both modern and classic, perfect for kitchens that aim for a timeless aesthetic.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a lovely choice for your walls or floors. With their rectangular shape and clean lines, they can create a simple yet elegant look.

White subway tiles paired with black grout add a bold contrast and make the tile pattern stand out even more. You can find subway tiles in materials like ceramic, porcelain, and glass.

Here are some design ideas:

Thick Black Grout on White Subway Tiles

black grout and white subway tiles on kitchen walls with numerous plants and framed taxidermy insect art

Here, the kitchen backsplash is lined with white subway tiles laid out in a staggered pattern, accented by dark grout that punctuates the space with a contemporary appeal.

The glossy finish of the tiles reflects light, contributing to a brighter feel in the kitchen.

Subway Tiles With Wood Accents

A black kitchen sink and faucet detail in a white kitchen with a butcher block countertop, white subway tile backsplash, and cozy decor.

In this kitchen, the classic white subway tiles are laid with dark grout to give the space more depth.

Plus, the black grout not only highlights the clean lines of the tilework but also complements the black kitchen sink and the warm wooden countertop, creating a look that’s both modern and inviting.

Subway Tiles With Blue Kitchen Cabinets

a kitchen with black cabinets and white subway tiles on the wall and an oven, dishwasher, and microwave

The backsplash in this kitchen features white subway tiles with black grout, which serves as a backdrop for the sleek dark wood cabinetry and metal appliances.

This cranks up the design’s contemporary aesthetic. But the natural light coming in from the window anchors the space, preventing it from looking cold or lifeless.

Large Matte Tiles and Thin Black Grout

contemporary bright kitchen with white tiles, simple cupboards and wooden worktop

To achieve a tidier and less overcrowded appearance, these large subway tiles with a matte finish are paired with thin black grout and arranged in irregular patterns.

This keeps your kitchen looking neat even when it’s cluttered!

This design adds visual interest to the kitchen backsplash and allows the wood countertop to pop. Natural wood accents and live green plants also make the space a little cozier.

Shower Walls With Subway Tiles

bathtub with white subway tiles surrounded by black grout

White subway tiles with thin black grout cover the walls of this shower and match perfectly well with the metallic fixtures and the white tub. 

These elements all create a clean, cohesive, and straightforward look.

Grid Mini Subway Tiles on Kitchen Walls

white marble countertop and a wall with white tiles and black grout with two wooden racks attached

Smaller white subway tiles with black grout give your kitchen backsplash a pleasing, no-frills appearance.

Their light color and small size make them a perfect match for a marble countertop, which boasts a luxe feel. 

Stacked Subway Tiles on Bathroom Walls

close up of a bathroom sink with a modern design white subway tile backsplash

The white subway tiles with dark grout in this bathroom backsplash design contrast with the warm gray walls, breaking up the solid paint with a sense of contemporary flair.

The white sink and sweet florals serve as cozy accents, making the bathroom look lived-in while maintaining a tidy appearance. 

Hexagonal Tiles

The geometric pattern of the hexagonal tile is already eye-catching, but adding black grout takes it to the next level.

Small Hexagonal Tiles

interior of a modern bathroom with a wall with hexagonal tiles and black grout with a round mirror and washbasin on a white shelf

This bathroom showcases a wall of hexagonal tiles in a grayish-white hue, outlined with a darker grout that accentuates their geometric shape for a dynamic, honeycomb-like pattern.

To introduce a touch of luxury, a round, frameless mirror and gold fixtures are added, while the wood drawers soften the overall look.

Hexagonal Walls With Thin Black Grout

hexagonal bathroom tiles with thin black grout, a gold round mirror, a white sink, and bath tub

Hexagonal tiles are laid out across the walls of the bathroom to create a sleek geometric canvas that gives the bathroom a crisp, futuristic edge. 

Meanwhile, the round gold mirror breaks up the sharp lines. The solid black accents and wood shelves also contrast wonderfully with the walls.

Herringbone Tiles

white subway tile wall in herringbone pattern

White herringbone tiles offer an eye-catching pattern that adds texture and depth to your walls or floors. 

You can choose from materials such as ceramic or porcelain to achieve this timeless look. This pattern looks especially stunning on a tiled wall in a kitchen, bathroom, or entryway.

Herringbone Kitchen Walls

modern kitchen interior with white cabinets and herringbone tiles on the wall

This kitchen showcases white herringbone tiles with black grout.

The balance of the white cabinetry and the soft glow of natural light filtering through the blinds completes this kitchen’s cozy yet chic atmosphere.

Penny Tiles

red rain boots on white penny tile

Penny tiles are a classic option for flooring and wall tiling that get their name from their size and shape, which are similar to that of a penny.

They’re often used to create a vintage or retro look, although they’re versatile enough to complement modern designs as well.

And black grout is a particularly good choice for white penny tiles, as the contrast highlights the unique pattern and shape of the tiles. 

Penny Tile Bathroom Floor

a shower room with penny tiles and black grout on the floor and white tiles on the walls

This bathroom features larger tiles on the walls and smaller ones on the floor, with the grout lines following the shape to enhance the design.

The simplicity of the tiles, the natural light from the window, and the sleek shower fixtures come together to create a refreshing bathroom aesthetic.

Effect of Black Grout on White Tiles in Different Spaces

The versatility of black grout and white tiles allows you to create both classic and contemporary looks, depending on your personal preferences and the design elements you incorporate.

Here are the effects of black grout and white tiles in bathrooms and kitchens:


Since black grout can be more resistant to water and moisture, it’s ideal for a bathroom environment.

This includes places like the shower area, where water exposure is highest. As a result, your bathroom can maintain its pristine appearance even in a humid setting.

The high contrast of black grout and white tiles provides a modern and stylish appearance. 

Here are some tips for using white tile and black grout in your bathroom:

  • Modern look — Incorporate elements such as metallic fixtures and sleek lines.
  • Classic design — Add vintage-inspired hardware and accents to complement the black grout and white tiles.


As black grout is more forgiving of stains that can accumulate around cooktops and countertops near the sink, it’s a good design option for your new kitchen or your kitchen renovation.

Paired with white tiles, it can help you maintain a crisp and polished look in a place that can often get messy. 

So the combination not only adds flair to your kitchen but also provides a practical benefit.

  • Modern kitchen — Pair the black grout and white tiles with stainless steel appliances. You may also incorporate clean, straight lines into your design to enhance the modern feel.
  • Classic or farmhouse kitchen — Use open shelving, warm wood tones, and a bit of decorative tile work to attain a contrasting color palette.

Pros and Cons of Using Black Grout on White Tiles

Ready to try black grout on white tiles? Great!

But before you make your final decision, check out the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this particular grout color with this tile color.


  1. Creates a visually stunning space. Using black grout with white tiles creates a dramatic and eye-catching contrast. This combination can add depth and definition to your space.
  1. Offers a modern and timeless look. The black-and-white color combination is both modern and timeless, meaning it can easily fit into various design styles.

    Many are concerned that black grout and white tiles look outdated, but going for thinner grout and larger tiles can easily help prevent this.
  1. Conceals dirt. Unlike light gray or white grout, black grout is more effective at hiding dirt and stains. This can be especially beneficial in areas prone to grime, such as a bathroom or a busy kitchen.


  1. Challenging to install. Black grout can be messy to install due to the darker color. The high contrast can also emphasize any mistakes made during the application process, such as uneven lines or grout thickness.

    You can avoid this by carefully planning your application and consulting a professional to help ensure attractive, flawless results.
  1. Quick to fade. Over time, black grout may be prone to fading or becoming discolored, potentially requiring more frequent maintenance to keep it looking fresh.
  1. Busy appearance. The contrast of black grout and white tiles can make your space appear busier, which may not be ideal if you prefer a more serene, minimalist style.
Hanging copper kitchen utensils with white tiles on the walls and gray cabinets

Tips for Using Black Grout on White Tiles in Your Space

So how do you use black grout on white tiles for a sleek look while avoiding the cons and pitfalls we’ve mentioned above?

Here are some tips to help you maximize the combo’s potential:

  • Consider your room size and lighting. For smaller or less well-lit rooms, use thinner grout lines to prevent overwhelming the space.

    This helps give the room a sense of openness while still creating high contrast.
  • Select the right tiles. Choose simple tile designs like subway or penny tiles for a classic look. For a more modern feel, opt for tiles with unique shapes or textures.
  • Balance the high-contrast look with neutral or warm accents. These include wood or soft-colored furnishings, which soften the space’s overall look and add warmth.
  • Go for a complementary color palette. Black and white go well with all colors.

    So all you have to do is make sure your accents or wall colors have a cohesive color palette that goes with your space’s vibe.

    For example, you can pair black grout on white tiles with grays, blues, and greens for a cool and calm look or reds and browns for a rustic appearance.
  • Maintain consistency across different rooms. Are you using this design in multiple areas (like your kitchen and bathroom)?

    If so, choose the same tile shape and grout thickness for each space to create a harmonious look throughout your home.
  • Focus on details. Since black grout highlights imperfections, ensure precise tile alignment and uniform grout application for a clean, professional finish.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Grout on White Tiles

How Do I Maintain Black Grout on White Tiles?

To maintain the pristine appearance of your white tiles and black grout, it’s crucial to seal the grout properly.

Follow these quick tips:

  • Use a high-quality grout sealer.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s application instructions carefully.
  • Apply the sealer only after the grout has fully cured, typically 48 to 72 hours post-installation.

These can help prevent dirt, stains, and mold, especially with sanded grout, which is more prone to discoloration.

How Do I Clean Black Grout?

Maintaining the pristine look of your white tiles with black grout is straightforward; just clean it regularly and wipe away loose dirt with water and a sponge.

Alternatively, a mixture of water, baking soda, and dish detergent can be used for gentle scrubbing.

Top tip: Avoid the excessive use of bleach or hydrogen peroxide to prevent fading. 

Can Black Grout Stain White Tiles?

Yes, black grout has the potential to stain white tiles, particularly if the tiles have a porous surface or crazing on their glazed surface.

To minimize the risk of staining, ensure the tiles are clean and properly sealed before applying the grout.

Additionally, it is essential to wipe away any excess grout immediately after application to prevent it from drying on the surface of the tiles.

Does Black Grout Fade Over Time?

Unfortunately, black grout can fade over time. Grout is porous and can become discolored when it comes into contact with various substances, such as cleaning agents.

Keeping it clean and well-maintained is vital to preventing quick fading.

Are There Alternatives to Black Grout?

If you’re looking for an alternative to black grout, consider these colors:

a bathroom with white tiles on the walls, and a bathtub in the corner next to the sink area
  • Dark gray, charcoal, or light gray — These are more subtle alternatives to black grout. They will still provide contrast against white tiles without being as stark as black grout.
  • Navy, burgundy, or gold tones — These will add a more unique touch to your tile design.

Try the Timeless Appeal of Black Grout on White Tiles in Your Home!

For a bold, high-contrast look that can amp up the appeal of any room in your home, choose black grout on white tiles!

Go through our list of design options to ensure you choose the right style that suits your space and your preferences.

Of course, consider your willingness to keep up with maintenance before making a decision.

Most importantly, trust your instincts — if this tile-and-grout combo resonates with you, it could be worth a try!